28 October, 2013

Updated fun

It's time for an update and other fun stuff. I've become horrible at keeping this blog, but at least I still post now and then. Please note, this is gonna have lots of pics, because I like them. xD

I got all of my stuff together and officiated by the state and I am officially a licensed massage therapist. Heck-yesh! Took way too long to get there, but it feels good.

And the concerts we've been to lately have been utterly awesome. Helloween, Deicide, Obituary, Suspect Earth, Batttlecross. The next one we're going to is Slayer, the weekend after out one year anniversary. That promises to be awesome.


Suspect Earth

I found the library here in Columbus.... it was either the greatest idea ever, or a huge mistake. I've finished so many lately it's not even funny. At least not funny to those who don't read. xD

*A Clash of Kings *Mothman Prophecies *Acheron *Tell My Sons *Enchantments *The Red Tent *The Lost Crown *The Reluctant Empress *The Last Romanov < ----- currently working on this one.

Other than that, Jon and I went to the Columbus Zoo... it was ok.. but it really wasn't much better than the Toledo Zoo... But regardless... yay more pictures.

 And this is the outcome of the zoo... after having Chinese food. Naptime whilst watching Cora..... It is cute though, you have to admit.

I think this is enough for now, hopefully I'll be able to get another semi-decent blog up again and not take a month to do it.