30 July, 2011

Off we go into the wild blue yonder....

     Where the f*ck did July go?!?!?! Feels like it was just the beginning of the month and now BAM! we're starting into August already. Did I hibernate or something? And is it bad that the only things I remember from the entire month were A) my birthday B) more drama within the family than I care for and C) basically disappearing off the grid completely.
      For those who know about the things that went on during the month of July, you'd understand why I've basically disappeared. Been to depressed and down lately to do much of anything, actually seriously contemplated deleting my IMVU, FB and YouTube accounts there at one point, but eventually thought better of it. Gonna be honest though, if any of my close friends could see me right now, they'd only be worried. I don't want them to have to worry about me, when I know for a fact they have their own issues to deal with, they shouldn't have to deal with mine too.
     Though I will admit I am better than halfway through the month, I've been talking a bit more, been online sorta-ish and I actually went swimming at the lake for six hours and didn't turn bright red, still as pale as before. < ------ Epic Gingerness ftw! xD Oh, and... I've started writing again, which I must say is quite a feat because I feel like I haven't truly written in months, feels good to have that little piece of creativity back again.
    Looking forward to school starting up again, except unlike a normal University that goes back in August... mine goes back in October. >.<  Meaning, yeah I can look forward to school starting, but no matter how much I look forward to it, I still have two months left before it does.  
     And I'm officially done with this now. Can't be bothered to basically spill my problems out in a blog anymore, I think that was more than enough.  ^-^; 

21 July, 2011

GAME OVER! Epic fail for me! x.x

     Not the blog I was hoping to write, but at this point I can’t help but write it. First things first… why the bloody hell can’t I stop myself from f*cking up everything good I have in life? I have pissed off so many people in the past week that I’ve lost count and the funny thing is I’ve no idea what I did to piss most of these people off. It’s like, “Yep, your very presence pisses me off. So I’m not going to speak to you”… Wtf? So either I'm a failure in certain people's eyes (namely my father), or they've simply decided to not talk to me at this point. I want things to go back to the way they were, three weeks ago; wishful thinking because I know it won’t go back… it can’t. >.<
     On top of that, there’s Marti and her “great” plan of trying to set me up with some guy she just recently met. Thinking we’re a perfect match based on out mutual like of Phantom of the Opera… yeah great way to base your logic… not really. Don’t get me wrong, I love Marti to death, but gah! Why?!?!? v.v  What’s even worse is that he keeps texting me and all I want to do is scream “I don’t want you!” at him; because in all honesty he’s not what I want…. I’m still hoping for something I can’t have (way to go Rach, way to go).  Looks like I shall remain single for quite some time apparently.
     * sigh*  I don’t even feel like writing anymore that’s how bad I feel right now, so I think I'll go and disappear for a while. < ---- Great plan, I know... but what else am I supposed to do? Once I get my head back to where it belongs and things are better I’ll start blogging again, hopefully.

19 July, 2011

Random update and OMG, did I seriously just do another quiz?!?!

     Whoo! It's been a week since I posted anything. Meh, better than my usual "Oh, look it's been a month and a half. Perhaps I should post a blog." < ---- I've done/ said this so many times it's no longer funny.
     Gonna be honest, haven't been online much at all this past week, kinda spent most of it fishing. Fishing being one of those things I do for stress relief and to just get away from people all together. And this time I actually caught something, rather than being caught by something (refer to previous blog for explanation). I also didn't fall in the river... not a fun experience for me. Especially when you're told "It's only knee deep over there" by somebody at least 6" taller than you. So when you go to walk in the "knee deep" area you find that it is in fact mid- thigh on yourself, and because of that you loose your footing and go careening down the river. Oh, so much fun.... NOT!
     Hmm,  13 July saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 with Jess (she kidnapped me xD ); it was quite good but ultimately waved goodbye to childhood at that point. As if one kidnapping wasn't enough, she came back for me 16 July and did it again. But this time I got candy floss for being such a good sport about it. ^^
    http://nyan.cat/   <------- click it if you dare xD
      Don't you just love that I give no explanation and just say click the link above? I know I do. And now because I was bored... here ya go!

What is your best friend’s name?  I have 2 best friends, one male and one female. Not gonna name them off, they know who they are.
How long have you been friends for?  I’ve been friends with one for almost 7 yrs now, and the other not quite that long. ^^
Do you have a boyfriend? Nope, been single for a while now.
If so; what’s his name? N/A
How long have you been together? N/A
Who was your last text message from?  Martika
Could you live without your computer? I could live, but I’d hate it
Facebook or Myspace? Facebook
Do you like thunder & lightning storms? Love ‘em!
Have you ever travelled out of the country? Not that I can recall
Has someone ever made you a scrapbook? Yep
What color is the room you are in right now? White
Is there a T.V. in the room your in? No
Have you ever had surgery? No
If so; on what/why? N/A
Do you regret something you’ve done this year? Hell yes
Do you have any pets? 3 cats, 1 dog
Are you on a desktop or a laptop? Laptop
Are you a morning or night type of person? Night person
Are you easy to talk to? Generally
What's your favorite number? 27
Do you have a pool? Nope... have a Jacuzzi tho
Do you enjoy “liking” or “becoming a fan” of things on facebook? Not really
Have you eaten dinner yet? Nope, tis only 1600
Are you hot or cold? Usually have the “hands of death”, but right now it’s 35˚ so I’m ungodly hot x.x
What’s your emotion? Calm I guess
Texting anyone? Martika
Listening to? Bad Romance – 30 Seconds to Mars
Do you get along with your family? Most of the time
Whom are you closest to in your family? My mother
Parents together or divorced? Together
Siblings? 3 younger brothers
How many cousins do you have? Ummm, a lot. Kinda have a big family.
Are you close to them? Close to a few of them.

11 July, 2011

Die Catfish.. Die!!!

Went catfishing last night / early this morning. Have to admit it was fun… to a point.  By that I mean there I am sitting at the edge of the water, minding my own business, staring at the lovely green light across the river feeling like Gatsby and all;  nothing going on at the end of my line. All of the sudden my line goes taut and then the rest of my line starts getting pulled from the reel. I’m like “What da fuck?”… *starts to reel it in* but whatever it is, it pulling stronger than my reel/ line can handle.  I freak out a little *looks over to mother* … “You’re not reeling in are you?”  *thinking perhaps our lines our crossed*  “No…”.  *facepalm, continues to fight with the reel*…. "Ffs, just give up you stupid fish!" *stomps ground as more line is pulled from the reel* >.<  *looks around trying to figure out what to do, because obviously reeling this thing isn’t gonna happen * “Ummm…. “ *fish jets off at lightning speed* …. “Gah!!” *attempts to reel in the line, but it’s being pulled out faster than I can reel it in and then all I hear is a resounding “Snap” * ….... *looks around then down at the now empty fishing reel and blinks* …. “Fuck you, ya bastard fish!!!” *shakes fist rather angrily at the fish then kicks a rock in to the water* 
            After that I walked back to where the rest of the group was, rather dejectedly, holding up my now lineless pole. “Look what that bastard fish did!” … *crickets and blank stares* . I explain what happened, *more crickets and blank stares… then laughter* O.e *stalks off fishing pole in hand and pouts because I can’t fish anymore* “Bastards!”  *remembers that there was extra fishing line in the truck…. Runs off in the dark to get it, trips once or twice , restrings pole and charges back to my fishing spot * “That’s it, I’m coming back for ya now fish!” *casts line and waits… and waits… and waits.. and waits*  5 am rolls around and still nothing… “Fuck it, keep the damn lure, sinker and fishing line! See if I care!” *reels in line and trudges back to the truck*

And that is fishing with Rach... generally much more peaceful, but damn that fish was just … gah! <----- Woot for spaz attack! And at least this time I didn’t fall into the river like the last time fishing. >.<

10 July, 2011

Failed to come up with anything blog worthy x.x

Who were you with yesterday?  Family, was my birthday.
What woke you up this morning?  My alarm clock. Hate that damn thing. v.v
Where are you? At home
Is tomorrow going to be a good day?  Has to be better than today.
Do you like anybody?  Mhmm
Ever thrown up in public?  Nope
Passed out because of alcohol?  Once or twice
What’s on your mind RIGHT NOW?  Way too much to even start to explain.
What kind of home would you like?  Doesn't matter to me, as long as it's somewhere hot.
What do you want to be when you grow up?  Umm, I am grown up -ish and I still don't really know.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Graduated from university, decent job.. who knows?
Do you like candy necklaces?   Meh, kinda
Do you listen to music every day?   Of course
Do you still go trick or treating?   No, but I always dress up for Halloween. Love messing with the little kids too. xD
What was the last thing you ate?   Melon
Are you a fast typer?  Mhmm
Whats your favorite type of soda?   Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb
Have you ever moved?    Multiple times
Have you ever won an award?   Yep
Are you listening to music right now?   Of course
How long ’till your birthday?   Umm, it was yesterday. So a year.
When were you the saddest in your whole life?   So not going there.
What time is it?   21:28
Do you use ebay to buy or sell?   Uh, both...
Who makes you mad?  Stupid people
Have you ever heard a song written about you?   Not that I know of
What do you do when you’re mad?   Break out the music. Unless I'm  REALLY mad, then you don't want to know.
What’s the worst thing you’ve done when you were mad?   Hmm, there are several things I've done that were pretty bad
Ever made anyone cry when you were mad?   Unfortunately
Do you swear when you’re mad?   I swear normally, only gets worse when I'm mad
When was the last time you actually cried?   Not too long ago... major breakdown will do that
Ever cried yourself to sleep?   A few times
Do certain songs make you cry?   Mhmm
What usually makes you cry?   It all depends tbh
Are you usually a happy person?   Generally
What makes you the happiest?   There are several things... mostly talking with friends, going out trekking, fishing or anything outdoorsy.  
Do you believe in yourself?   Not as much as I should

09 July, 2011

I am another year older and I've always been told that you're only as old as you feel. Would you like to feel me and tell me how old I am?

     Can't be bothered to blog much today.. tis my birthday after all (Ugh, I'm 20 xD ). But I shall give you a little something, just because I love you all. And let's be honest here, nothing terribly exciting happened today, other than random family members showing up at my house with cake. <--- Epic!  Other than the lovely cake, all I have to comment on was the Skype that was had this evening. First off it was utterly amazing, and what made my day was that everyone sung "Happy Birthday" to me. I can honestly say that was probably the best part of my day, kinda sad when you think about it. 
     And for those of you who didn't no about my ninja skills.... I totally have them! The router locked in the safe upstairs, stood no chance against me. Yes, yes... Rach managed to "break" into said safe. Namely because my father is way too predictable in what he uses as a combination and I know him all too well. So I got my internet back and I'll probably never hear the end of it, but gah! Why the f*ck would someone lock a router in a safe?
    Oh, I'm making this much longer than I originally intended. Pfft, as if I honestly care, but I'm gonna go, that's plenty for tonight. 

Also giving a shout out to Muffin... for being the awesome "King of the Call" tonight. xD

And thank you Marti for getting everyone on Skype to make my night. ^-^ 

G'night! Xxxxx