24 September, 2012

I don't see why I did this.... oh yeah, boredom

Do you regret anything you’ve done so far in 2012?

-  Eh, a good many things

In your phone’s contacts, who is the first person stored under the letter ‘T’?

- Thomas Perkins

How about the letter ‘H’?

- Hope Shoch

How long did it take you to get over the last person you fell for?

- It's taken a while, getting there slowly but surely....

Who do you text the most?

- Jonathan or Martika

The person you like calls you right now, what’s the first thing you say?

-Well, hi there! ( I think we've known each other long enough now that anything different than that would make him realise something was up. Lol xD )

Do you like snow?

- Meh, don't hate it... but I could easily live without it

Who was the last person you missed a call from?

- Jonathan

Do you like it when someone runs their fingers through your hair?

- Uh, yeah... fastest way to get me to completely pass out is to play with my hair xD

Would you kiss the last person that texted you?

- Uh, yeah o.o

How long have you known the last person of the opposite sex that you texted?

- 10 yrs

The last time you hung out with close friends, what did you do?

- Jonathan--Last weekend, Mothman Festival

What type of chocolate did you eat last?

- ....Twix bar...

Has the person you like ever seen you without your make-up on?

- Seen me many, many times with no make-up xD

Who was the last person to make you blush?

- Jonathan

Has the last person you text messaged met your family?

- Yesh

What was the last thing the person you like said to you?

- "Awe, little dove...I'm sorry, I'll be sure to ask next time"

Have you forgotten anyone’s birthday recently?

- No...

The last person you kissed, have you met their family?

- ...yeah...

What do you miss most about your childhood?

- Lack of care and purpose and responsibility.

Are you willing to make the first move, if the person you like is too shy?

- Sure, but I doubt anyone could be more shy than I am.

What do you have in your pockets?

- Nothing right now.

How many of your friends do you 100% trust?

- Like maybe 2....

Where is the person you have feelings for at this moment?

- Hilliard, OH

Have you lost contact with anyone that you wish you hadn’t?

- Sure

What’s the easiest way that someone can tell if you’re upset?

- Quieter than I usually am and the look on my face.

What was the last magazine you bought?

- Massage and Bodywork....Popular Mechanics

Has a close friend ever seriously hurt you?

- Yep, needless to say we're no longer friends

What was the last thing you felt stressed out about?

- Graduating from uni, being unemployed, and confusion with him

How did you meet the last person who Facebook messaged you?

- Kas, IMVU

Has the last person that texted you, ever been to your house?

- Many, many times.

Why aren’t you texting the person you like?

- Uh, I ...am....

How many people would you say you’ve had strong feelings for?

- Uh, Idk... 3.... 2 were obvious mistakes >.<

Do you listen to your friends if they say a guy or girl isn’t right for you?

- I’d listen to them and take their opinion into consideration but it depends how much I like a guy as to whether it’d prevent me from like doing anything.

How many people of the opposite sex have made you cry?

- Relationship-wise.... 4....

Did you like what you saw when you looked in the mirror this morning?

- Meh, can't complain. Lol

Has anyone pissed you off recently?

- Heh, yeah

How many people of the opposite sex have told you they loved you?

- 4 v.v

Does the person you like have any celebrity crushes?

- Yeah

What was the first CD you ever owned?

- Iron Maiden

What subjects do you/did you get the best grades in?

- History, Science and English

What colour are the eyes of the person you have feelings for?

- Blue.

Could you date someone with longer hair than yourself?

- Sure, why not.

Do you know any guys who wear make-up or nail varnish?

- Adam... oddball that he is, doesn't surprise me. xD

Who was the last person you talked to whose name started with a letter ‘J’?

- Jonathan

What was the last thing a friend borrowed from you?

- Camera... I think during the Mothman Festival

Are there any ways in which you’re massively different now, compared to when you were younger?

- I’m more socially awkward and I have no 5 second filter

What is something you really want right now?

- So much...

21 September, 2012

Very overdue update

So it's been forever since I truly posted anything here. I think it's about time to fix that... so here goes, my attempt at an update. List style! xD 

1) Hmm, last time I posted was in June... so yeah, back from Scotland. It was amazingly beautiful, rain and all. Even with the way it ended up, was still a memory that I'll for the rest of my life. Plus, I got to try haggis, Irn Bru and kilts... so all is good. ^-^
2) After Scotland, I came back and headed back to university for my last module of Massage Therapy school.... it is now safe to say as of today, I have officially finished my course at university and just have to obtain my license and then I'm off to truly start my career. 
3) I got offered a job teaching English to school age children…. in India. Yep, India. I see that working out well for me…. the pale, gingerness do not mix well with the heat and sun. Would much rather stay in a place like I live now, we get all four seasons… not just HOT and HOTTER. xD
4) I turned 21… not that big a deal, except I wasn’t home to celebrate with the family. But what I did end up doing was just as awesome as it would have been had I been here at home.
5) My ginger comrade rekindled my love for heavy metal and death metal again. Hadn’t truly listened to it in a very long time. A five hour drive definitely helped that… and the drive was pretty awesome as is.
6) Spent an entire four day weekend and then some, with Jonathan down in Point Pleasant for the annual Mothman Festival. Needless to say, it was the highlight of the last 3 months. We always have a great time when we get together, even if we do tend to get into a bit of trouble every time we’re near one another. And this trip opened my eyes a bit about a few things that needed answering/ explaining. ^-^

So yeah, basically that’s it, nothing much else happened… to be honest, fell off the grid there for a while after I got back in July for several reasons. Also, I just realised that 5 and 6 should kinda just be the same bullet, because they go hand in hand *shrugs*  oh well, doesn’t bug me any.
Well, that’s about it, until next times my lovelies. ^-^; xxx