20 December, 2011

I stole from Jinxy ... again xD

What is your best Christmas memory?
- Umm... not really sure. Maybe the Christmas I got my first violin that I actually owned. 

What was your favourite Christmas present of all time?
- Gah, it seems so long ago, but the violin I got. 

What do you really want this year?
- Stuff for massage, or money. My family can never seem to find what I want. xD 

Hot chocolate or apple cider?
- Hot chocolate 

Cookies or Brownies?
-Umm, cookies 

Candy Canes or Chocolate?
- Chocolate.

What is your tree decorated with?
- Uh, lots and lots of ornaments, tinsle, ribbon, bead strands, an angel, and white lights. 

Favorite Christmas Song?
- Hmm.. "Carol of the Bells"

Do you have any family traditions for Christmas?
- Meh, not really... at least not anymore

Favorite Christmas movie?
- "A Christmas Carol" I guess.... 

Ice skating or caroling?
- Both...

Giving or Getting presents?
- Giving.  Love seeing people's faces when they get stuff. 

White or colored lights for your house?
- White... only like white lights, it's very classic Christmas to have white lights, that and it looks really pretty.

White or colored lghts for your tree?
- See previous answer. xD 

A Christmas Carol or How the Grinch Stole Christmas?
- "A Christmas Carol"

Is Christmas stressful for you?
- Meh, not really

15 December, 2011

Stolen from Jinxy. xD

Get kissed under the mistletoe or in the snow?
- In the snow

Santa or Rudolph?
- Rudolph

Stocking or presents?
- Presents xD

Egg nog or hot cider?
- Hot Cider ^^

Angel or star?
- Angel

Decorating the tree or putting lights on the outside?
- Decorating the tree

Warm cozy fires or sleigh rides?
- Ooo, tough... Sleigh rides tho

Family time or friend time?
- Can't I have both? xD But family time I suppose wins out.

Expensive presents or presents that come from the heart?
- From the heart.

Snow ball fight or snowman?
- Snow ball fight all the way . xD

Coal or present?
- Well, coal means you've been naughty... so yeah coal xD

Open presents quick or slow?
- Emm... kinda both xD

Carolling or christmas stories?
- Carolling

Snowy days or ice days?
- Ummmm... how about both? xD

Red or Green?
- Green

08 December, 2011

My A to Z

1. A is for age: 20
2. B is for beer of choice: Founder's Pale Ale
3. C is for career right now: Working to become a Massage Therapist
4. D is for your dog's name? Luna
5. E is for essential item you use everyday: Mobile Phone
6. F is for favorite TV show at the moment: Doctor Who & Scrubs
7. G is for favorite game: Jeopardy xD
8. H is for Home town: Toledo, OH
9. I is for instruments you play: Violin, Piano and a lil Guitar ^^
10. J is for favorite juice: Peach Mango
11. K is for whose butt you'd like to kick: Tom
12. L is for last place you ate: McDonald's
13. M is for marriage: What do you want to know about marriage? O.o
14. N is for your full name: Rachael Leann Bond
15. O is for overnight hospital stays: 5
16. P is for people you were with today: Mum, Dad and Aaron
17. Q is for quote:  What I want is to be needed. What I need is to be indispensable to somebody. Who I need is somebody that will eat up all my free time, my ego, my attention. Somebody addicted to me. A mutual addiction. –---- Chuck Palahniuk (Choke)
18. R is for Biggest Regret: Atm moment in my life, it'd be not attending the university I originally wanted to.
19. S is for status: Yet to be determined. xD
20. T is for time you woke up today: 6:30 am  >.<
21. U is for underwear you have on now: They're plaid xD
22. V is for vegetable you love: Mushrooms or tomatoes ^^
23. W is for worst habit: My lovely red-head temper... not really a habit, but it habitually gets me into trouble.  
24. X is for x-rays you've had: 4.. I think
25. Y is for yummy food you ate today: Ramen xD
26. Z is for zodiac sign: Cancer

Yay for boredom!! xD And random side note... this is blog #69 ... eheheh ^-^;

03 December, 2011

I... don't... get.. it.. *twitches*

Ok, so I know I was/am doing the 30 day challenge, but I have to add this random blog in between because I find a real need to.

     What the f*ck is up with everyone getting engaged and/or married by the time they're 22? Four good friends I know have either become engaged or married before anyone of them even hit their twenty-second birthday... I just don't get it. Was there a memo that said "You belong in this generation and you "must" get married before you hit 22. Otherwise you will wither away and never get married"? Did I miss that memo? Guess so, because I have this aversion to getting married before 25. It's not that I don't want to get married, it's that at 18, 19 or even 20... how do you honestly know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone? Have you even tread out in the "waters" to see what else was out there... or are you just settling for the first opportunity that comes your way?
     I'm sorry.. wait no I'm really not... not for believing what I do on this. I've seen what early marriages do. Those marriages that are straight out of high school or in college... how many of those ever actually work out? The answer, not many. Now I'm not putting those who choose to get married down, but seriously... stop and think about it. Do you at the age of 20 want to give up your youth, the fun and all that jazz? I know I don't... I want to be able to go out with the guy I love and have fun... truly get to know him, and allow him to get to know me. You know... a long term relationship. Then and only then would I want to get married, and even after that I'd still want to go out and have fun with this person, not just sit at waiting for him to come home from work, or get pregnant within the first year of marriage. I still want to be able to have fun with this person, not feel chained to them because I chose to get married young, had a kid(s) with them, or am simply too afraid to leave them.
     Seriously need to stop now, because that was so a mini rant and a half, and what's ever worse is I could keep going on this topic. xD I'm also pretty sure I'm going to hear bitching from at least two people about this blog... but at this point I don't care. Ok, yep.. I'm done now.... O. e