08 April, 2011

Wtf... they're all gone?!?!? x.x

     Right, here we go! First off f*ck you Blogger! Deleting all of my blog posts from the past 4 years... f*ck you!! >.<  So now I'm probably talking to no one, so whoo! On to the main event of me just rambling on about not a damn thing. <---- typical Rach move here. Since I have to start  the blog over, what a way to start; complete randomness. 
     I actually had this real nice blog planned out, and then I came back to everything having gone poof. Kinda put off on the idea of writing to be honest. Really just wanna find some docile creature and just kick it really hard. <----- Morbid, I know. You'll get over it tho. 
     So I'm throwing out the nice blog and just going "Gah!!" on this one. Also I am blaming my cat for said deletion of my blogs, just because I can. So I say someone should come and punish the thing, and make it good. It'll make everything better if someone does this... so I really think that someone should step up and do it. 
     Hmm, well at some point I perhaps I'll have to re-introduce myself... or perhaps not, perhaps I'll just let you figure me out as you read the blogs. <---- Sounds like a much better plan. And maybe this whole blogo poofo thing is a ok, let's me start over completely and just well, yeah... you'll see. 
     Meh, that's enough... I can't be bothered to write anymore and to be honest I'm kinda bored of this right now. 

So take care all... until next time. Xxxxxx