04 December, 2013

Early December Update

It's about time for an update I suppose. It's been long enough that it's kind of due.

So much has happened recently. And not completely in order.

A few weeks back we went to visit my parents and were actually able to go on a double date with Jess and Charles. We saw Thor: The Dark World, and then had Denny's for supper. It was really quite nice to hang out with them. I needed it. And Jon even enjoyed it. 

I got Jon to finally sit down and watch Game of Thrones with me. He LOVES it. Granted, he wants to stab all the Lannisters except Tyrion in the eye. Eye stabbing of course being his choice of pain. It's amusing to sit there while he watches the show and asks questions, shouts profanities, or simply looks confused as all get out. He's taken to referring to me as "Moon of My Life" and I've started referring to him as "My Sun and Stars". It's sweet and adorable. 

 Jon and I celebrated our one year anniversary on November 9th. We went out the weekend before to a really nice dinner because we were going to be spending our anniversary weekend in Toledo with my parents. But it was nice. It's really awesome to know that we're in it for the long run. We've hinted at and talked about getting married, what we want wedding-wise, an engagement ring ( black diamond all the way), and the 7000,000 Tons of Metal cruise we want to go on as a honeymoon. We're such dorks, but it suits us.

We saw Slayer the following weekend. 

After Slayer, we went and saw Adam play with Siklid at the Fan Appreciation Night at Headliners. It was a good show overall. But honestly the best band was Siklid, I would have been ok with just seeing them play, but it was a free show, so I can't complain. ^.^ 

I got a new car ( new to me at least). It's all shiny and clean. Jon's jealous about it. We drive the same model, but my car is in better shape and it's black. It's awesome. 


I decorated our Christmas tree finally. I think it looks good, not as good as when mum and I would decorate our tree, but it'll do for now. 

And of course, one very curious cat inside the tree. 

Everyone should have this sort of Christmas spirit. xD 

I had interview with Massage Envy this week. It went well, and from what it looks like I'll be working there for the time being. It's not exactly the massage setting I want, it's not nearly as medical/ therapeutic as I'd like to work with, but for now, it's a job. It'll pay the bills and help me to get my foot in the door with the profession I love so much. 

Other than that, it's pretty much been normal. Nothing much else to report on at the moment.