22 December, 2014

See one, want one.....

It's  been a while... so... here we go.

I am becoming very close to becoming an expert on baby fever lately. You might want to know, if I want a baby so badly then why don’t I have one? There isn’t a multi-list, complicated reason why Jon and I have not procreated yet. There is simply a one bullet answer of, we're not ready. Mentally we're ready, it's financially that we're not so ready.

Recently I realized something a little startling: I know 10 pregnant women. Okay, maybe 7 or 8 now because a few have popped. That is a whole lot of pressure to have my own. Babies, babies everywhere. If one more friend tells me she is pregnant, I think I might have to run out and adopt twins. I am 23 going on 24 — this is the time where babies fall out of trees, or vaginas, or what-have-yous. xD

Add to that a happy relationship, house, and cats, and well, my biological clock is ticking. I'll admit it. I have baby fever. Now, here's the thing about baby fever. My logical brain has plenty of reasons for us to wait. However, as soon as the middle of my cycle rolls around, all I can think about is babies.

Baby fever is tantamount to obsession. Suddenly, everywhere you look there is a baby. Restaurants, grocery stores, gosh darn Facebook feeds. "Let's wait a little bit longer," Jon and I will say, then baby fever will hit and I won't be able to think quite so clearly. Really, it's a sickness. Screaming, diapers, pregnancy horror stories, nothing will deter me. Baby fever prevents intelligently functioning brains from making rational decisions. Forget birth control. (Kidding by the way)

Fortunately, it only lasts a couple days or a couple weeks, and then my brain returns. Not that I don't want children, or babies, I just have a bit more to do first. Jon needs more time to come to terms with eventual fatherhood. I need to find a better job, one that I actually enjoy... one that pays better. Yeah, yeah, I know — you're never ready. Maybe that's why baby fever takes over: to ensure we have those babies before it's too late.

Signs you probably suffer from baby fever too: 

1.) You burst into tears at the sight of your Facebook feed and all it's birth and pregnancy announcements.

2.) You daydream about nursery colors instead of working, picking out all the wall decals and bedding in your mind.

3.) You buy baby outfits for friends and can't bear to send them.

4.) The sound of a baby crying makes your boobs tingle.. Actually, scratch that. The THOUGHT of a baby's cry makes your boobs tingle. Yep. It's true. xD

5.) You actually contemplate picking up a stray baby in the store and asking the mom how bad she REALLY wants her. It's a stray second of insanity, but enough to scare you.

6.) You have a million practical reasons not to have a baby and you still long for one.

7.) You daydream about baby names and feel like you will be lost if you don't get to name a baby after your great aunt Mildred who died with no children.

8.) You can't fathom the sleep deprivation, the late night feedings, and dirty diapers. It can't be that bad, right?

Anyone else besides me deal with constant struggle?