16 May, 2011

Lemons, Insomnia, and an EPIC FAIL WHALE ...wait what? o.O

      Ok so I’m apparently just posting whenever I get bored. Not that I mind that, keeps me occupied for a short time, and well you get to sit through my randomness (not that you didn’t do that already if you know me personally).
 Guess who went on a nature walk for Mother’s Day with her mum and was left alone with a camera? *points to self again * … yep, you guessed it, this girl! ^-^ On another note, Yahoo Mobile, is a GIANT FAIL WHALE!! Just thought I’d put that out there and let you all know my feelings on that subject.                                         
      I am however going to rant about one specific thing and that is college textbooks. You pay an ungodly amount for them (like they’re made of gold or something) and then go to sell them back, only to find out that A) they don’t want the book you have anymore or B) your “new” edition when you bought it is now the “old” edition.  Let’s just go with ALL my books except one fell into scenario B.  Pretty sure I spent in the course of 2 yrs at The University of Toledo, almost $1,000 in books alone, and all I got back was a lousy $77.25 …GAH!!! >.< * throws useless chemistry book on floor and stomps on it * 
    And Rach is done now. Buh bye! Xxxxx