20 October, 2011

Post vacation update randomness thingie x.x

     Ok, so no I've not died or fallen off the face of the Earth; decided to just take a break from blogging while I was on "vacation". But now that I'm back, expect more blogs more often.
But speaking of the vacation, being away from home for 3 weeks was awesome, I got to see my aunt and grandmother. On top of that I got to spend 2.5 weeks with my lovely "sister" Martika. Oddly though I must admit we didn't get into as much trouble as I thought we would. There were only two instances where we were especially terrible, but other than that we were strangely behaved for the two of us.
     Took a tour of the USS Enterprise, went to Virginia Beach more than once... I think I've been to every mall in the Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake area. xD Also decided that I'd love to live in or near Virginia Beach, there only one place I could think of that I'd prefer to live in more. Hmm, went to a bar and rode a mechanical bull, it was friggin' awesome to say the least. <--- still have the bumps and bruises to prove it too. xD
     When we left from Chesapeake to go back home got a phone call from my university... found out that I get to go back to school on Halloween. Sooo so happy, I know that sounds weird to be excited for school. But the sooner I get it out of the way, the sooner I get to do the things I want to do. Actually must admit that this entire trip brought on really good news or good things throughout the whole thing. ^.^ My father doesn't seem to have the issues he had with me before I left, and was even a tad pouty because I wasn't home for his birthday to make him a cake like I do every year. And of course because according to some people I am a "sweetheart" I made my father a cake for his birthday, candles and song included even though his birthday was 30 Sept. xD
     And now that Halloween is right around the corner, must say I finally found a costume that actually really loved, though it's not the one I had my heart set on.... still flippin' awesome. Rach is being a pirate :D.  Our annual party is this weekend, so that should be fun (I'll post pics after it's all done ^-^ ).
     Random side note (even if this whole blog has been random) I've become a master multi-tasker.... proof being that whilst I was typing this up blog I was also dancing around my kitchen to techno music, cooking dinner and helping mum with making apple butter/ sauce all while being ungodly ill from travelling from 20-27˚ weather to 8-12˚ weather. Yay me! I have a feeling I'm gonna regret this in morning, but it made this afternoon WAY more interesting.

With that I bid you all adieu. Lovey you all. Xxxxx