14 February, 2012

Update thingie

     So I have been asked to do random updates here and there for my lovely blog readers. So I shall oblige said request and try to do some more updates in between the surveys and other random things.
     So first things first... emm I started and am actually almost halfway through my second module of my massage therapy course. Meaning I'm almost halfway done, September 17th seems so close and yet... so far. >.< But as for uni, it's going well... actually better than I could have ever imagined. I kick but in Anatomy and Physiology along with the actual Massage class as well. I love being able to get away from the family and the general stress of home three days of the week. I know that sounds terrible, but it's true.
     Hmm, as for family life.. it so could be better... as may of you know my father love to go head to head about literally everything. Needless to say that well... hasn't gotten any better... not at all better, if anything tis worse now than it ever was. But I have learned to keep my head up and shut my mouth half the time, if I don't attempt to argue back usually works out to my advantage. Keyword there was "usually". xD
     Emm, I took a group of little kids to the roller rink... yeah, you all know where this is going don't you? That means me... who hasn't used actual roller skates in about 12 yrs... trying to teach kids ranging from 3-9 yrs old how to skate. Only fell a few times... and none of those falls were my fault, I blame the munchkins. But I will admit that even though I'm ungodly sore, like everywhere... it was a blast. I want to take a few people in my own age bracket, but I have been told that may not be the brightest idea I've ever hatched. Rach is a total klutz and so are most her friends. xD Yep, see that going oh so well.
    I think that pretty much sums up everything from the past few weeks. Uni has pretty much taken over my life... but it'll be worth it in September. ^.^ Woot, for ranty-awesomeness.... but Imma go now and leave you all with that.

Also here is a Valentine for you all! 

Best Valentine ever.. right? xD