03 May, 2012

For gran, not that you'll ever read it...

Ok, so here goes a rant... I suggest you turn away now because this one is really not worth it. I just need to get this out.. and I've chosen here to do it. O.e

I'm sorry not the 120 lbs you think I should be... that my body isn't "perfect" like yours, I'm sorry that I go to university for something that you don't approve of, I'm sorry that I'm not the perfect Catholic like you. I'm also sorry that I failed in every way possible in your eyes.

Wait... why the hell am I apologising for who I am? I'm not sorry for the fact I'm 180+ lbs, that I'm squishy and cuddley... guess what? I love that about me... you don't like it? Too damn bad. You go ahead and be you... let me be who I am, I like it that way.  You don't need to go around telling me that I don't eat enough and then say that I need to eat less because I'm unhealthy... guess what I know this... I'm dealing with this I don't need you or anyone else to remind me. >.<

As for university, I love what I do... I found something I'm good at and love... you think it's something it's not maybe if you were a bit more open minded you'd see that... but I doubt you ever will. And perfect Catholic my ass... if you were as perfect as you make yourself out to be, you'd accept me for who I am.. faults and all.  If I'm going to hell for not being Catholic, I hate to see where it is you end up with the way you judge not just me, but everyone else who doesn't live up to your standards.

I'm done, there's way more to this... but I'm done... thought it would help... but since she'll never actually read this...so seems kinda pointless now. *mumbles and runs off*  ._.