16 October, 2014

I've got nothing... just randomness

01. This time last year what goals did you have for yourself and have you achieved any of them?
Hmm, Jon and I had moved in together, I'd gotten my LMT license, so I was looking for a job. We were steadily heading towards an engagement in our very happy relationship. I have actually achieved them all.

02. What’s one quality about yourself that you feel sets you back but also helps you?
I'm too nice for my own good. I can't stand people being upset at me and I hate upsetting them.

03. Has anything happened involving you recently that has people in your life acting different towards you?
Two very good friends from high school. Have more or less cut me out of their lives for their significant other. That's pretty much it.

04. Is there anyone who lately you’ve been talking to more often?
Jonathan, Jessica, and Martika... The same as usual.

05. Who is the last person you’ve surprised with something? And with what?
Emmm, Jonathan. And goldfish.

06. What is your favorite kind of food to eat? (ex: American, Spanish, Indian, ect.)
Italian is pretty good, I mean pizza and pasta basically are the best. But I love Indian and Korean food too. xD

07. Have you recently discovered any artist or band whose music you like a lot?
I've recently rediscovered Finntroll... and several other power metal bands.

08. How long has it been since you were able to enjoy reading a book?
I'm reading one now.

09. Was anyone who had been in your company today in a bad mood?

10. do you miss the way things used to be?
Sometimes, yeah.

11. what is something that has been causing you stress lately?
Migraines, bills, distance from family and friends, relatively crappy job.

12. has anyone in your life (excluding family) that has made a life changing decision with you in mind or for you?
Oddly enough, yesh.

13. Would you ever get a tattoo in reference to music or a movie?
Uh, maybe... but it'd depend on what movie/music. I have one from literature.

14. What was the last news article you read about?
Ebola ...

15. when was the last time you tried something for the first time?
...Emm... Last week.

16. what are some touristy places close to where you live?
Uhh.... Cedar Point... King's Island...

17. when you’re listening to music on your computer what do you use (ex: itunes, youtube, ect.)
iTunes, Youtube, Spotify, Windows Media Player.

18. What does your last text say and who was it from ?
"Nope." -Jess

19. what is going on with everyone else who is in the house with you tonight?
I'm currently at work, and have an open block of time. Everyone else is in a massage session.

20. the last time you felt sick what exactly was wrong?
Right now... this past week... I've actually been physically ill all week.

21. if you had the choice right now would you prefer to be out or are you content with how things are right now?
I’m happy being in tonight.

22. Is there anything you'd like to say to your ex?
Emm... Honestly? I'd kinda want to apologize for a fee things, catch up maybe, I dunno. :/

23. What’s a question you’re afraid to ask? To whom?:
I want to ask someone for forgiveness. And I know this person wants nothing to do with me. So, that's why I'm afraid of that question.

24. Which fictional character would you most like to have lunch with and why?:
Gah! There are so many I'd love to have lunch with. xD

25. What’s something you hide about your personality?:
Not sure really, don’t purposely hide anything, it’s hard enough to talk to me anyway so once I’m talking I don’t really hide anything.