01 October, 2014

Updatey fun

So, I have come to terms with the fact that no one really reads this blog anymore. Doesn't surprise me. It's nothing great. I don't even have time to update it regularly. My bad. It's called a busy, and very hectic schedule. But I'm still going to post on occasion, at least updates. I may start another section/ blog that is focused on my wedding planning adventures, body positivity, and maybe even one that is focused on massage therapy and my adventures in that along with my upcoming adventures in nursing school. Maybe. Big maybes.

But, as mentioned above, I'm getting ready to go back to school to get my ADN. It should only take about 2 years. Which means, I can continue to do what I do now, and then once I'm done, get a nursing job, and then go back , possibly, for my BSN.. maybe later on down the road if need be. It's all gonna depend on when Jon and I plan to start a family, which I won't lie, we both want to as soon as possible. ( He swears we're going to have twins the very first go around. o.o)  We're hoping to wait until after the wedding, I say hoping because anything can happen. xD

Emm, news on the wedding, as of right now, there is actually quite a bit. Our first choice for the ceremony venue fell through. They were requiring us to have BOTH the ceremony and the reception at their site. However, we've had the reception venue picked out since day one more or less. But, that's ok, we found this wonderful little church in Maumee, and it's half the price that our first choice was. Score. We have our officiant, the wonderful family friend, Mr. Woods. I have my dress, which I'm currently holding off paying for, simply so that I can get another 6 months of them holding on to it. Because the girl apparently screwed up and it was ordered WAY too early. Moron. xD Hmm, other than that, we have some decoration ideas, not nothing really set in stone other than purple, blue, and peacock feathers. Otherwise, it's kinda whatever I find on Pinterest that I find well, interesting. ^.^

Jon and I went and saw my favorite movie on the big screen this past Sunday. Gone with the Wind. It has been my absolute favorite movie and probably book for that matter, for as long as I can remember. Meant a lot to me to have him willingly sit through an almost 4 hour movie ( we'll call it 4, since it's only shy by 2 mins. xD ) and not complain about it.

Umm, other than that. I've just been really busy with work, and such. Added more hours to my schedule, you know because that goes well with school. xD Anywho. I think that's enough for now. Yep. ^.^