09 July, 2013

Another birthday has come and gone.... what fun.

So, today I celebrated my twenty-second birthday. It was nothing extravagant, just an intimate affair at home and then out with a very good friend. I'm past the point of wanting any type of huge party, it's just a birthday.

However, Jess, Charles, and I went out to see Despicable Me 2. It was great, loads of laughs and I got to spend time with my brunette partner in crime. She even got me a hot stone massage kit ( which she really didn't have to, I don't need presents to know I'm loved xP ), which is freaking awesome. Now I just have to teach myself the basics so I can use it on other people. Thankies Jess for a great birthday, I know we didn't get to see one another very long, but it was still great. ^-^

Mum and dad got me an awesome mint chocolate chip ice cream cake ( they remembered my favorite flavor of ice cream ^.^)  and a really pretty Celtic wooden cross. Even put that up on the wall in my bedroom, which is weird to see because just about everything else is off of the walls and boxed up. But oh well, it's gorgeous. 

Only real down fall to my birthday was that I wasn't able to spend any of it with Jon. Granted I did go down this past weekend for his concert and then just to spend time with him and get a bit of work done around the house to make things easier later on with the move. So, in the end totally worth it even if I wasn't able to see him today.

Keanu and I are supposed to go out Friday and either get tattoos or possibly a new piercing for me. That'll be fun, and hopefully it will work out somewhat like we planned.

On top of all that, I have a job interview tomorrow. So here's hoping that goes really well. I need the money, and the benefits. More over, I really just need the money and $10/hr base-rate pay with the possibility of $25/hr and 40 hrs a week... that's damn good money. Plus it only requires me to work one weekend a month, which wonderful to say the least. So wish me luck in the interview. ^.^