10 January, 2014

20 Relationship facts.... fun....

So I was asked to do a 20 facts about my relationship with Jon. I can't remember if I've ever done one before, even if I did, this can be an updated version of it. xD

1) We've known one another now for almost ten years. He was a close family friend for a long time before we both decided we had mutual feelings for one another.

2) Our first date was supposed to be to a Cannibal Corpse concert, but he got tickets to Dethklok, and that ended up being our first date, a month ahead of Cannibal Corpse which ended up being our second date. And 90% of our dates have been to concerts of some sort.

3) Jon is exactly 11 years, 2 months, 21 days older than I am. Not complaining about it either, I love our age difference. It allows for a lot growing and learning from one another.

4) We've been together just over a year, but everyone who knows us well, says we've been together for years and were just in denial up until we had our first date.

5) We don't really ever fight. We bicker and bitch at one another more than anything. It's never anything too over the top, it's just funny more than anything else.

6) We've been living together since September. It's been really nice. No one has to drive 150+ miles to visit the other. Plus I get cuddles every night before bed... soooooo nice. :3

7) Given the choice in movies, we'll end up doing a Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, or Alien marathon. We are awesome and nerdy.

8) I managed to get him in to Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time... he LOVES them both. Which in turn makes me happy, because they are two of my absolute favorite shows.

9) Our go to food is either IHOP/ Perkins, Jersey Mike's, or Texas Roadhouse... we love our steak. xD

10) Neither one of us can remember who verbally said 'I love you ' first, but I said it first through text, neither of us will argue that.

11) I have been to every concert he's performed in with Suspect Earth, and don't plan to ever miss one.
12) We both want to get married, to one another. We've actually discussed it, many, many times. He's already stated that my engagement ring will be black gold, with a black diamond... or white gold, with a black diamond. There's no questioning that. He knows me so well.

13) He willing tolerates my Disney obsession. and actually likes a few of my favorites... and truly only tolerates the others because he loves me ( Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King)

14) Jon made the first move to kiss me. It was actually really sweet. We were watching our Indiana Jones marathon, and once it was over we were curled up on the sofa together, holding hands and just chatting/ whispering sweet nothings to one another, when he just gently reached over and kissed me gently. Best gift I could have gotten that Christmas, ( and yes, it was on Christmas). ^.^

15) He loves my cooking. So much that's he's put on a bit of weight since I moved in. He's got this cute little pudge. It's adorable really.

16) He's truly gotten me into video games. Neither of us has much time for them lately, but when we do get to play them it's awesome. Our current favorites being Mario Kart and Dead Space.

17) For the longest time my grandmother hated our relationship (as did several others). She didn't like the age difference and now she's not so fond of our living together. But she'll come around. 

18) We have been to the Mothman Festival three times together. It's kinda what really kick-started our relationship. Yay nerdyness.

19) We're both curly-haired gingers. Our children are going to have some awesome hair.

20) And last but not least, we've had the same basic sleep schedule for over a year and a half. It's not a normal person's sleep schedule, so there's a lot we end up missing because we stay up so late, and wake up so late.

Now... lovely blog readers... I tag you to do this too. I want to see blog posts with 20 facts about your relationships. And go!