08 May, 2014

Sorry, but not sorry...

So I have a small rant to deal with here. I'm planning a wedding, I assume my readers know this. I got engaged, so the next logical thing is to start planning a wedding. Right? ...Right.

That being said, I have to keep in mind that my parents want to pay for this event, minus the wedding gown, I flat out told them I would be paying for that, so that I get the complete and final say in that. So like I said, keeping in mind that my parents are paying for it, I want to keep the cost as low as possible. One way to do this is to have a very small wedding, and by small, I mean less than 100 people. Jon and I just want close friends and family, that is all. No people we barely know, no people who are for lack of a better term, Facebook friends. I can't do it, I can't invite every person we know, it would cost a fortune.

I don't want my parents to break the bank on this event. Yes, I know that it's supposed to be a grand affair, it's supposed to be beautiful, it's supposed to be about Jon and I, but I would feel horrible to make my family pay a fortune for it. I'm not that materialistic as that.

What Jon and I decided, please read that again, it distinctly says Jon AND I . We made the decision to only invite our close family, and closest friends. That being said, that means that there are a few people who will  be invited, but not their significant other. Mostly because Jon and I don't know said significant other, and guess what? A wedding is so not the time or place to get to know your friend's significant other, it's just not. No amount or arguing, complaining, or whining about it is going to change that. I'd say that I'm sorry that these particular people are not and will not be invited, but I'm not and neither is Jon. Because, again, it is OUR wedding. If you want to invite 300 people to YOUR wedding, then you do that; however, I will not be guilt tripped into inviting these people that we don't know to a wedding.

I think that people assume that we are singling them out and being "mean" to them and their significant other. And to be honest, it is nothing of the sort. It all boils down to the cost and the lack of a true connection/ friendship with these people. I'm not going to feel sorry for that, I'm just not. If you're going to take this as a personal vendetta against you and your significant other, that's your prerogative. To each, his own, as it were.

What I love even more about this, is that people who were so set on being there, because they are so happy for us, because they are a close friend and wanted to share in such an important day in my life have since changed their tune. Now that it is known that only very close friends and family will be invited, they no longer want to come. I'm the bad guy for planning the wedding of Jon's and my dreams. Is that so wrong? Apparently the answer must be yes, I mean if I'm offending these people so much. Last I checked, I never told anyone else how to plan their wedding, and never once complained if my significant other was not invited, and neither did Jon. we understand with the economy it just not frugal to invite everyone and their mother to your wedding, especially not for a budget wedding.

And please note, we aren't just inviting our friends and not their significant other, I can tell you right now, my younger brother is invited, however his little girlfriend is not. Granted, yes there are reasons that she is not invited. Mostly because there is some serious tension and dislike between my family and her's, but that is neither here nor there. I'm just stating there we're not just doing it to friend's, we're doing it to family too. It's not anything against anyone, we have a budget and we HAVE to stick to it. End of story. No ifs, ands, or buts. Not sorry. Get over it.  I'll be hurt, not gonna lie, I want my close friends and family there, but if you decide not to come to our wedding, your loss, not mine. I will have a wonderful wedding with the people who truly care about us and that is all I have to say about it. The end.