07 June, 2014

Jeez, this ended up being a lot longer than expected.

Ok, time for a slight rant. Yes, I know the last one was kind of a rant too, however, there are a few things I NEED to get off my chest. And this is MY blog, so I'll do what I want. xD

1) I love how people claim to be your friend, and have been/ were your friend for many years. Then all of the sudden they outcast you. Maybe not in the most literal sense, but you definitely feel it. They gradually stop talking to you, and then when you try to talk to them, your message can go as long as two weeks with no answer. However, when you do get to talk to this person, they swear up and down that they are still your friend. You forgive them and you talk for a few days, and then it goes back to utter silence from the other party. Nice little game, isn't it? NOT. Do they not realize that the phone and Facebook work both ways? That they don't have to wait for you to message them to talk. Apparently not. It's actually incredibly hurtful. And then after oh, I don't know, a month or even longer, they pop back in, send small little message and you answer back... and then hear nothing back at all again. Awesome. Seriously people, why should I have to put all the effort into a friendship that obviously this other person wants nothing to do with anymore?

2) Kind of ties in to number one. People who blame me for the failings of our friendship. Because I moved to Columbus.... to be with the man I love with all my heart... and to start a life of my own, away from home. Get a grip. I did not abandon you in any way, shape, or form. I did it for me, what was best for me... it had nothing to do with you. The fact that you actually think I abandoned you is kind of sad. I mean really? C'mon, you're an adult, so you say, I think you know better than to assume I abandoned you. Especially when I made EVERY effort to keep in touch with you when I did finally move. I got none of that in return, just the knowledge that I was being ignored and at the time didn't know why. So in essence, who really abandoned who in this situation?

3) Now this next topic may seem a little harsh, but it needs to be said. Cancer. I do not personally know how hard the fight with cancer is. However, I do know many people that have fought it, whether they won their battle or not, I know how it affected these people. It's hard, it's exhausting, both mentally and physically on both the patient, but their family and friends too. Now, that being said. I get that people are proud of the fight that they won/ or are fighting. However, when that becomes the ONLY thing you post about, it becomes kind of annoying. The whole pity me act... kinda old. And then when they say that they are better than others because they've beaten cancer, or deserve more things in life than others.... I'm calling bullshit. I may not have had to fight cancer, but damn it I've had to fight other hardships in my life that are just as mentally or physically scarring in many ways. Secondly, when you go on Facebook and beg for money and/ or gifts saying you deserve them because you beat cancer... again calling bullshit. You are a grown woman of forty, with a job and a husband... you can buy your own tattoos, and jewelry now, or have him do it, whatever floats your boat. Put on your big girl panties and grow up. I'm not saying that we shouldn't celebrate people who have beaten cancer, not saying that at all. It's when the "celebration" turns into an every ten minute ordeal on Facebook, or other social media sites... dear god, please, just stop it.

4) This is a pretty common topic in society. Body shaming. Basically it's discriminating between body types. Saying that one (skinny for example), is better than the other ( being larger/ curvier)... or vice versa. It's disgusting. No body type is better than the other. All bodies are beautiful. From rail thin to large and curvy, they're all beautiful. And this doesn't just go for women's bodies, I think when it comes to body shaming that people forget that men's bodies get body shamed too. It's just like saying that one race is better than the other. Except, you wouldn't say that in public would you? No. Didn't think so. Because you'd be labeled as a racist. And we just couldn't live with that sort of social stigma, now could we? So, how is that any different from what people do when it comes to body shaming? There is no difference, none at all. We need to educate people that all body types are beautiful, instead of writing them off as unattractive, and alienating them.

I think that's about it for now. I promise the next post will be a happier one... I swear. ^.^