12 June, 2016

ALL the things

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve updated this blog. Well, that’s because it has been. Months. xD

Lots of things have happened since the last time I updated this. Jon and I have settled into married life quite well… not that it’s really any different than the life we had before we said “ I do”. It literally isn’t any different, other than I have a different last name. Which, by the way, fecking sucks to write out. Lol. But that being said, we’re 126 days away from our one-year anniversary. Where the heck did this year go?!?!

In other exciting news, I broke down several months ago and finally bought a sewing machine. Gone are the days of completely sewing everything by hand. I shall now make ALL the things. With the new sewing machine, I relapsed and became addicted to buying/ collecting fabric again. Eh, I do suppose there are worse things in life to be addicted to. xD

I’m now just days away from my one-year anniversary with the company I left Massage Envy (aka the devil) for… and soon to be on my third year as a massage therapist. Time sure does fly. Especially when you’re busy, and you love what you do. Which, I can’t lie, I do. I love helping people, I love being able to make people feel better… and slightly selfishly, I love being truly appreciated for what I do. : )

But other than that, the only really exciting thing that’s going on is that Jon and I are actively trying to start a family. We’re to be able to have our own little bundle of joy in the near future. Hopefully. And if we’re not meant to have children, the universe will tell us that, and we’ll start the process of saving to move to Scotland. Which is our be all, end all goal. So there’s that too.

Well, tis time to get to bed, busy week ahead of me. Hopefully I’ll be back to update this again, not that I’m sure if anyone reads this anymore.