03 June, 2012

Update thingie... sort-ish

So I've been told an update is needed here on Blogger, so here goes.

1) I am utterly tired of uni and cannot wait to be done
2) As of today there are 16 days left until my trip.... probably part of the reason I hate uni so much right now
3) My lovely brunette partner in crime is 500 miles away for the next 11 weeks >.<
4) My father is supposed to be gone and in Florida the day I leave for my trip... that's a good/ bad thing if that makes sense.
5) I finally after profuse moaning and grumbling from Kas and several others switched from my horrible Mac to a normal PC.... guess what? So happy I did, I've missed PCs so much and didn't even realise it.
6) Mum had her back surgery... she's doing so much better now. Still sore and trying not to over do it... but she's happy she can get back to her gardening.
7) Much to everyone's amusement.. for as little as I listen to it... I apparently sing country music with a southern accent.... not sure is that is a good thing or a bad thing for me.
8) I have found I have a huge love for DragonBall Z Abridged.... I wonder who is the culprit behind that one. xD
9) My name has been changed by just about everyone I know to "The princess from "Brave"..." or "Merida".... to the point where EVERYONE at uni refuses to call me by my real name at this point. Can we just go back to calling me my "normal" nicknames of "Rach, Spazz, and Artie"? Please? O. e
10) I am a very, very happy duckie.... that is all.

Wow, this totally failed way worse than I thought it was gonna. *shrugs* Oh, well. I'll try something different next time. xD