17 September, 2013

Kitty cuddles, mermaids, and conspiracy theories

I know I said that I'd be away for awhile and that still stands. However, I thought that I'd at least update you... those of you who actually care, where life has me at the moment. It's been a little over a week now since I moved to Columbus. It's going quite well, granted yes, I know it's only in the first few weeks, but I know things are going to be just fine from now on. Things have fallen into place, as they should be. I'm still waiting on my licensure to come through so that I can find a decent job down here. Before I do that, Jon and I need to decide on a car so that I can actually go to work. Right now though, it works for us that I don't have to go into work. It means the things around the house get done. Though he's always telling me thank you for doing the laundry, feeding the cats, making the bed, or doing the dishes... things I don't need to be thanked for. I live here too, I can be helpful in as many ways as possible if I don't have a job right now.

Other than that, I've finally finished God of War III, took a while, but 10 hours to complete it for the first is apparently pretty damn good according to Jon. I'm quite proud of myself for it, I've never finished an actual video game before. xD

Emm... Mothman festival is this weekend. Can we say EXCITED?!?! ^-^ It's going to be a good weekend, and I can't wait. Neither can Jon to be honest. It's something we both really look forward to. Yay for nerdyness! xD

There's more I want to go on about, but my head has started hurting again... so I think it's time to go lay down for a bit and just try to get rid of said headache. Time for the Little Mermaid and kitty cuddles from my babies. ^.^