06 September, 2013

Update, news, move, and life

Well, it's probably time to get this out of the way now, because over the next few weeks I'm seriously not gonna have much time to blog, let alone be on the internet. I'm moving, that is all. I know I said that it would probably be in October, but Jon and I decided that it was time. We were tired of waiting on things my father said he'd have done, and even more tired of him going back on his word.

So basically this is what the move looks like this. *points to pic*
It's about 150 miles or so from Toledo, and my family/ friends, but it's worth it. 
Here's a pic of the new house, sorry about the tree photo-bombing it all. xD 

I know it's been a little while since I did a proper update, and this is my only chance to get a decent one done before the move. And let's be honest, it's not even a decent update either. xD

So if there is silence on this blog for a few days/ weeks... you all understand why. Though I will try to at least put something up in regards to the Mothman Festival like I do every year, but I can't promise anything. I've gotta find a car and find a job, so that's going to occupy most of my time.

So yeah, the move is happening, and it's not that far off now... only a few hours really. Everything is packed up. I realized where my priorities lie in life... I have 5 boxes of books... and only 3 of clothes. That says a lot about my personality. xD

But foe now, I think this is enough. Actually it's more that I'm hungry and want Pita Pit... so I'm gonna go get that and then finish up with a few last minute details.

Love you all. Toodles. xxxx