14 March, 2014

Adventures of a Dove, her Lion, Panda partner in crime, and a Bear

This isn't so much a update post as it is a set of pictures of my recent adventures.

Pretty fountain, and even prettier Tiffany & Co.
we were so close to going in, but decided
we weren't appropriately dressed. xD 

He got a hold of my phone. Look at that face, he looks sooo pleased
to be out in the sunlight and shopping. 

His epic semi-accidental selfie of the both of us... fantastic

My beautiful partner in crime. ^.^

The best part of Sundays, Suspect Earth band practice. :D 

Like I said, not so much an update, more like photos I've decided need to be shared with all my readers. Hopefully I'll have more to write about in the near future. Like Schmidts. German food and adventures (again) in the German Village. Excited for that. I love German food, and this place is supposed to have some of the best in the area. Next time we go out, I'm finding a Korean restaurant, I think Jon would like that. 

Jess, Charles has been given the animal name of bear.... just thought I'd point that out.