05 March, 2014

In like a Lion and out like a Lamb..... yay March

It's update time, you know, because that's fun and all. I've been good about it, makes me happy that I can at least semi- keep this updated. It's the one thing I do on a regular basis anymore. I almost never get on IMVU anymore, no one else is ever one and the reasons I used to be on all the time are no longer there (aka, depression, anti-social personality, no motivation, toxic relationship, you know the old norms). But enough of that. Onward and such.

I made a horrible and yet, great mistake last week. I picked up hours at work, lots of hours... early hours. I am not a morning person. Somehow though, I made it through and I will have made as much in only a week, as I do in an entire pay period. Heck yesh. On top of that I still have this week and tips too. Awesome. It'll be a really nice paycheck next week. I can get ahead on bills and put some into savings.

Jess and Charles are supposed to come down and visit me this weekend, really excited for that. I miss my partner in crime. Plus it's an excuse to drag Jon out of the house for couples activities like KDB; think Chuck e. Cheese for adults, kinda like Dave & Busters. I think we're all looking forward to that, being the nerdy dorks we all are. Then other activities like dragging the guys around shopping/ exploring at Easton and Mario Kart couple against couple... so excited for that. We don't get to hang out with too many couples, and the ones we do, we usually don't do much. So this is such a nice change.

Hmm, I pre-ordered Frozen, because you know, it's one of my absolute favorite Disney movies now. It's still a bit of a wait for it, but I'm excited. It was my one splurge this paycheck. I feel really good about keeping myself on a decent budget now. I never really had that ability before, but now that I have all kinds of responsibilities and bills to pay, I had to force myself to learn to budget and save money. It's good to be a responsible adult. xD 

But enough of that. I don't have much else to ramble about. Other than the weather finally looks like it's decided to be spring. So excited for that. Nice warm weather, adventures, gardening. It'll be nice. 

I'm finished for the time being, hopefully I'll be able to post about this awesome weekend, hopefully. Until next time! Toodles!