31 March, 2014

Whoot for news

It's probably about time for a quick update. I mean it has been a few weeks. Granted it's mostly the same old, same old.

Work has be hectic, I've been picking up/ covering hours for people whenever I can, the extra cash is nice. though most of it goes right into savings for reasons. Reasons I can't say yet. I'm not exactly allowed. xD Only Jess and Martika know why... but they too have been sworn to secrecy. When the time comes, I'll post all about it on my blog of course.

In exciting news we got a kitten. Her name is Ripley, she's adorable. She's a little brat though, always wants to play when we want to sleep, and vice versa. xD The other cats are still getting used to her, but Jon and I are now apparently official crazy cat people, because we have four of them now.

We're slowing making the house more like a home, finally deciding on colors, and the types of plants we want in the garden. You know, like couples do. It's nice. It's all falling together, even if it does take some time and money to get it all done. Our biggest expense is going to be the new mattress we really need/ want to get. It's a bit pricey, but it'll be worth it for the wonderful sleep we'll get once we have it. 

I've also forgotten how wonderful Netflix is. We finally got better internet service. Everything is clear and fast, we can watch Netflix properly, YouTube doesn't take ages to load, it's fantastic. Such a long overdue little thing we needed to get done. I can watch all those fun documentaries, and tv shows I love. ^.^

I'm trying to figure out where exactly March went. Where February dragged on for what seemed like ages, March blew by like nothing. It's weird. But Spring is on it's way, and it is truly welcomed... I'm done with snow and cold weather. 

For the time being that's all I have to say. That may change, I have a feeling a small rant is coming up, nothing too terrible. I promise. xD