20 December, 2011

I stole from Jinxy ... again xD

What is your best Christmas memory?
- Umm... not really sure. Maybe the Christmas I got my first violin that I actually owned. 

What was your favourite Christmas present of all time?
- Gah, it seems so long ago, but the violin I got. 

What do you really want this year?
- Stuff for massage, or money. My family can never seem to find what I want. xD 

Hot chocolate or apple cider?
- Hot chocolate 

Cookies or Brownies?
-Umm, cookies 

Candy Canes or Chocolate?
- Chocolate.

What is your tree decorated with?
- Uh, lots and lots of ornaments, tinsle, ribbon, bead strands, an angel, and white lights. 

Favorite Christmas Song?
- Hmm.. "Carol of the Bells"

Do you have any family traditions for Christmas?
- Meh, not really... at least not anymore

Favorite Christmas movie?
- "A Christmas Carol" I guess.... 

Ice skating or caroling?
- Both...

Giving or Getting presents?
- Giving.  Love seeing people's faces when they get stuff. 

White or colored lights for your house?
- White... only like white lights, it's very classic Christmas to have white lights, that and it looks really pretty.

White or colored lghts for your tree?
- See previous answer. xD 

A Christmas Carol or How the Grinch Stole Christmas?
- "A Christmas Carol"

Is Christmas stressful for you?
- Meh, not really