15 December, 2011

Stolen from Jinxy. xD

Get kissed under the mistletoe or in the snow?
- In the snow

Santa or Rudolph?
- Rudolph

Stocking or presents?
- Presents xD

Egg nog or hot cider?
- Hot Cider ^^

Angel or star?
- Angel

Decorating the tree or putting lights on the outside?
- Decorating the tree

Warm cozy fires or sleigh rides?
- Ooo, tough... Sleigh rides tho

Family time or friend time?
- Can't I have both? xD But family time I suppose wins out.

Expensive presents or presents that come from the heart?
- From the heart.

Snow ball fight or snowman?
- Snow ball fight all the way . xD

Coal or present?
- Well, coal means you've been naughty... so yeah coal xD

Open presents quick or slow?
- Emm... kinda both xD

Carolling or christmas stories?
- Carolling

Snowy days or ice days?
- Ummmm... how about both? xD

Red or Green?
- Green