14 January, 2013

And this is what happens when I'm bored...

How did you meet the last person you talked to on the phone?
- Met at a family function ages ago

When did you last leave your house? Where did you go and why?
- I left for Columbus on Friday to spend the weekend with Jon.

The person you miss turns up at your door now; what do you do?
- Tackle-rape him... yeah... that... sounds like a good idea. xD

Who was the last person, outside of family, that you were talking with? Do you 100% trust that person?
- Well, since Jess and Marti are family... it'd be Jon

Can you remember the last time you changed your mind about something? Do you know why you changed your mind?
- I change my mind constantly. xP

When did you last see the person you love/like? When will you next see them?
-Literally, an hour ago before he left. Two weeks from now hopefully.

You’ve just taken a pregnancy test and it’s positive. Your reaction?
- Freak out. Take another test and possibly 2-3 more after that too.... curse condoms for failing miserably, then call Jon and freak out again, because it'd definitely be partly his fault and he should know. Yeah, that sounds about right. xD

Are you attracted to the last person that Facebook messaged you?
- No, at least not like that. Sorry sissy xD

Has anyone ever accused you of trying to steal their boyfriend/girlfriend?
- Nope, don’t think so.

Does your best friend smoke cigarettes?
- Yesh.

Did your last received text message have a smiley face in it?
- Nope.

Do you listen to your parents, or do you just do what you want?
- I listen to them generally as they don’t really say no to anything and I trust them to just be like looking out for me.

Have your parents ever tried to talk to you about things like sex and contraception?
- Yesh, and it was more awkward for them that it was for me.

Who were your closest friends 3 years ago? Do you still speak to any of them?
- Jess, Jon and Mary. Emm, Jon and Jess... Mary can go f*ck herself for all I care. xD

You message someone on Facebook and they don’t reply. Does that bother you?
- Yes. I hardly ever message people first for fear of rejection so if I build up the courage to do so and they don’t reply I’d hate it. xD

Find your last text message from the opposite sex. Can you tell us what it says, or is the content too personal?
- "Don't worry, I'll be sure to text you as soon as I get home sweetheart. I love you" - Jon

How about your last Facebook message from the opposite sex, what does that say?
"Night Rachy x" - Kas

Is there a member of the opposite sex on your mind atm? Do you think that person will be thinking about you too?
- Umm, yeah. And I wouldn't doubt it.

You find out that your last ex is in a relationship with someone else, and it’s very serious. In fact, they’re planning to get married. Your reaction?
- I'd be happy for him. He deserves to find someone and be happy.

What colour are the eyes of the last person that put their arms around you?
- Blue

Are you attracted to the last person you held hands with?

Be honest, do you think you’re good enough for the person you love/like? If not, why not?
- I don't think I am. But I never think I'm good enough for anyone.

Has the last person you texted ever seen you cry?
- Yes.

Do you know the starsign of the last person you kissed?
- Aries.

Do you think you will kiss someone tonight?
- I already did. xD

What was on your mind before you went to bed last night? And what was on your mind when you woke up this morning?
- Emm, how much I like being cuddled. And again how much I like being cuddled, among a lot of less than wholesome thoughts. xD

Think about the last person that made you cry. How would you feel if you never saw that person again?
- I'd be rather hurt, I mean he is my father after all.

Do you have any possessions that you’re very attached to, and you’d be absolutely devastated if you damaged or lost them?
- Yes, probably a few, I get attached to things easily.

Think about the last conversation you had with someone else, face to face or online. Who initiated the conversation? What did you talk about? How did you feel while you were talking to that person?
- It was with Jon, I did... a ton of things, and calm, understood, and happy.

What’s the worst thing that someone has ever done to you, and you still forgave them? Why did you forgive them?
- Just gonna say, June 2012... . I forgave them because our friendship meant more to me than the hurt and such.

Have you done anything in the past week that you’re now embarrassed about?
- Yesh.

Who was the last person you talked to, whose name started with a letter K? What did you talk about?
- Keanu... my graduation ceremony.

Has anyone ever told you that they would always love you? Do you think that person meant it?
- Yesh. In a way, yeah I think they did.

Have you ever told anyone that you would always love them? Did you mean it?
- Yesh, I don't throw that sort of thing around and not mean it.

Do any of your recent text messages or Facebook messages have hearts in them?
- Nope.

Say you just randomly got bored of sitting at your computer and got up and went out, where would you be most likely to go?
- Bookstore, kidnap Jess, just drive around aimlessly.

If the last person you texted was walking out of your life, would you chase after them?
- Yesh.

What was the last reason you laughed?
- Being tickled .

Who was the last person to call you beautiful, sweet, or cute?
- Jon.

Who was the last person you had an argument with? What was it about? Did you come to any kind of compromise?
-  Father. Stupid shit. Yesh..

Can you remember the last time you couldn’t have something you really wanted? What was the reason?
- I don’t really know tbh.

What colour are the eyes of the last person that told you they loved you?
- Blue.

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done, and you got away with it?
- I... emm.... I shouldn't say, it's horrible x3

Who was the last person of the opposite sex to make you smile? Are you attracted to that person?
- Jon, and yesh.

You’re awake at 2am talking to someone, who is it?
- Martika, Jess, or Jon.

How do you think your best friend would react if you kissed his/her ex?
- She’d be really pissed off and probably never speak to me purely because he was a dick and respect for me would me lost probably.

Who was the last person you met, that you found attractive? Did you do anything about it?
- Family function. And I'm dating him. xD

Have you eaten any of your favourite foods today?
- Animal crackers.

To finish, look through your text message inbox, find a message from each person mentioned, and tell us what it says.
One of your parents - Something about my gran being in the hospital
One of your siblings - "Good night. I love u"
An aunt/uncle - Haven’t text any.
A cousin - Don’t text them.
Your ex - Eh, don't have any texts from Kas
Your best friend - "G'night sissy" Or something like that.
Someone you miss - Don't worry, I'll be sure to text you as soon as I get home sweetheart. I love you":
Someone you find attractive - See above... it's the same person xP