05 February, 2013

Blog update # who really cares?

Well, update thing. Pffft as if anyone actually still reads this blog. If you do... I am so, so sorry. xD

Em, my commencement ceremony for finishing my massage therapy degree is this Friday. I get to wear this horrible blood red graduation cap and gown. Only redeeming quality is, I actually look good in blood red. Odd for a ginger I know.

It's February, I know... but I am utterly tired of snow. We went from 2-3 gorgeous days of 50F+ degree weather to 9F. And there was the "1-2" inches of snow we were supposed to get that turned into 4 inches of snow. And guess what? We got even more today too. What's worse is I had to drive out in the nasty weather both days. I don't like driving in snow, and it's not because I can't.... it's more like I live in Northwest Ohio.... where people SHOULD know how to drive in this sort of weather. However, it's like 85% of the people who live here, either conveniently forget EVERY single time it snows... or simply have not bloody clue. 6 more weeks of winter. Joy... and watch, because I live in NW Ohio, we'll have a freak snow storm in April or something. xD

Hmm, what else is there?  I'm going to see Nile, Bless the Child, and Shores of Elysium in March with Jonathan. I find it funny that every single one of our dates has been to a concert of some sort. Not that it bugs me, I love music... especially the music we go see.

Because I am unemployed, I tend to have a lot of free time when I'm not taking care of the things that need to be done around the house. With that free time, I have managed to read 6 books in the last 2 weeks. It's kinda pathetic. And even more so when you take into account that 4 of those books were well over 500 pages. The perks of having no life I suppose. xD

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Wanna know how much I care about this holiday? *pinches fingers together dangerously close* ... yeah, about that much. I've never really had a good Valentine's Day. I sometimes get flowers or candy from mum and dad. But I've never had a significant other send me flowers or do something special just for us. Not gonna lie, it'd be nice... but I'd still prefer those things just because its Tuesday, or because they decided to do it on a whim on the way home from work or what have you. Valentine's Day has become one of those over advertised "Hallmark" holidays now. Joy. >.<

Other than that, Jon is giving his first lead in AA two weeks from now. Really looking forward to listening to that. To give lead in AA is a Rite of Passage in your recovery. So that'll be interesting for him (he's as awkward as I am about getting up in front of people)  and for me. ^-^

Ayup, and now I'm done. More hopefully in the near future about my boring life. xD