23 February, 2013

Updated version of a past survey

What is your favorite sexual position? Missionary for the closeness, Doggy because it's quite fun and Cowgirl because who doesn't like being in charge? xD

How may partners have you slept with?  1

What is your method of birth control? Uh, the usual condom or the pill....

If you use condoms, what brand? *blinks* ... Trojan .... still trying to figure out why you need to know this

If on the pill, what brand? N/A

Besides the obvious, where is the one place your partner could touch you to make you hot? Neck by far all I have to say.

What is your sexin' jam? I honestly don't know.

Are you a talker, moaner,screamer, or all? Uhhh.... moaner, I guess.... x////x

Do you like your hair pulled? I don't hate it xD

Do you like it on top or bottom? Uh, both is good

Drunk sex....dissapointing? or more fun? Wouldn't know

If you could choose one celebrity to do the dirty with, who would it be? Corey Taylor or Gerard Butler :D

If you were paid a gazillion dollars, would you have sexual relations with George W.Bush? Pfft, no.... first off not a real number and second off it's George W. Bush. >.<

Have you ever taken anyone's virginity? Nope

Silk sheets with rose petals or a soft blanket by a roaring fire? Fire, just seems more intimate to me.

Best outfit you've dressed up in for your partner? Can think of a few I WOULD dress up in, but as of right now... I haven't

What could your partner wear to turn you on? Hmm, just wearing a cowboy hat and nothing else is a good start. Or nothing at all, just holding his bass in front of him is a good one too. xD

Any embarrassing sex stories you want to share? Not so much embarrassing... but there's the fail shower sex bit and then the whole going at it with my little brother in the next room and him actually getting up out of bed and closing my bedroom door. xD

If you had to choose a cartoon character to make some lovin' with, who would it be? What an odd Q. Umm, either Ichigo or Sebastian Michaelis

Have you ever walked in on a parent or sibling doin' the dirty? Ugh, yes... my eyes still burn from it.

Have you ever used toys in your love making endeavours? No, but definitely want to.

How often do you think about sex? Meh, often enough, after-all I am human. xD

How old were you when you lost your virginity?.....21....

Have you ever had a threesome? Nope

Have you ever had anal sex? No

Have you ever been to a strip club? Nope

Have you ever worked in a strip club? No, but I've been asked on several occasions if I did. Not sure if I should be offended or take it as a compliment.

Have you ever been involved in an orgy? Nope

Have you ever been called a slut? Oddly enough yes I have.... not sure how that one works out though, have only had on partner.

How often do you have sex? Ooo, as often as I can...

Do you consider yourself a freak in bed? Uh, no I don't ... others might...

Do you like it rough? A little roughness is quite nice

Do you masturbate? Again human, anyone who says they don't is a liar.

How often? Ugh, really? >.< Often enough. xD

Are you horny now? Not particularly.

-This or That-

 Whips and chains OR Feathers and silk? Can.. can I have both please? :D

Whipped Cream and cherries OR Ice cream and chocolate syrup?
Uhh, chocolate syrup I suppose....

Kitchen counter OR Shower? At this point, kitchen counter... shower failed. Lol

Doggy OR Cowgirl? Both...

Dirty Sanchez OR Rusty Trombone? Da fuck.... niether

Threesome OR An hour of receiving oral? Threesome = not Rach's thing... so the answer would have to be oral.

Watching porn OR Making your own porn? Uhh.... making O.o

Biting OR Licking? Lil bit of both.... especially on the neck :$

Black Leather OR Pink frilly lacy whatnots?... On me? Leather please. ^^

Rug burn OR Neck hickey? Hickey, though on the neck is gonna lead to much than that.

Fall asleep OR snack after?  Fall asleep all cuddled up