22 February, 2013

Update... and a lack of toast... whatever that means

Well here we go. Update. You know, because I never do those. Ok, I don't do them enough. I've resorted to just doing surveys 80% of the time now. Not exactly interesting to be honest. So, I'm going to try (keyword there) to do an update at least once a week or maybe once every two weeks. Here's hoping I can.

So, I graduated. Yay for officially being done with university. The ceremony was nice, not as large as I thought it was going to be, but it went well. The supper afterwards was even more amusing. You know my father's general denial and such in relation to Jonathan and I. So glad I had Jess sitting between my father and I, otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd have been slapped on the back of the head multiple times. And at least now he's out of denial about a lot of it, and though he does not like/ agree with some of it, he accepts it. xD So that being said, here are some pictures from graduation.

After the graduation ceremony I ran away for the following with Jonathan. It was really good to get away, and really nice to be able spend a good amount of quality time with Jon. It was my first real Valentine's day in a relationship; the first one where I got flowers ( and my favourite ones too) from someone other than my parents. It was nice to know that someone cares/ loves me enough to do little sweet things like that for me. I'll be slightly sappy, and post a pic of the really pretty flowers I got from Jon. ^-^

I realise how horrible I am at doing this updates. I don't do much and when I do, it's not terribly interesting. Though I will admit, this last week has been quite amusing. I went with Keanu to a Past Life Regression hypnosis session, that was definitely an experience. Though, I have my own beliefs on what went on in this particular session, it was still something neat to be a part of. After that is was BD's Mongolian Grill, that it was amusing and yummy. 

I also went and saw Warm Bodies with Adam. It was a decent movie, not your typical zombie movie. But it was nice to see Adam for a bit, we don't get to hang out nearly as much as we should. And we always have such an odd, but great time when we do hang out. xD 

On top of that, I have managed to get both of my parents into Ayn Rand. For those of you who either don't know, or don't remember who Ayn Rand is... she wrote The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, and Anthem. Very philosophical and educational writer, definitely ahead of her time. But she is an amazing author, and I recommend her writing to just about anyone. 

I've finally gotten enough money together to take my MBLEX test for Massage Therapy, hopefully not to much later down the road I can get enough to apply for my license and get my background check done. 

In my boredom, I started watching a show called "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding"... that was a mistake and yet it was rather amusing. Let me put it this way, the wedding dresses these gypsy/travellers come up with are either amazing or atrocious. See below for examples for the more atrocious ones... look at how big these damn things are! o..o 

I think other than that, the only other thing I have to talk about is that March 13th is the Nile concert, really looking forward to that. After that, April 18th (Jon's birthday), is the 3 Inches of Blood/ Goatwhore concert... can't wait for that one. And of course, April 26th, the first Suspect Earth concert of the 2013 season. That out of all of those is what I'm most looking forward to. I love watching Jon play bass, and I love the band he's in. So basically this translates into, a week spent with Jon, who actually took time off work to be with me "full time" the week of the Nile concert. And then almost two weeks, in April. Translation, Rachael is being spoiled. xD And it also means that when I come back home, it'll be hell for me to go back to my own schedule and even harder to attempt to get any type of sleep. I've become used to and prefer sharing a bed with Jon, so when I come home to my own bed, it's hell to try and sleep because it's damn near impossible for me to get over the fact that he's not there. And oddly enough, he's the same way when I'm not there. xD We're so special, I know. 

Eh, that's enough of this. Love you all! Toodles. x3