26 August, 2013

This may have been a mistake...

So I'm at work, and it's pretty much dead. Guess what I get to do? Basically whatever I want as long as I'm still available for calls. Meaning I get paid to sit here, write this blog, answer texts, read, or what have you. Kinda awesome. ^.^ 

Ok, maybe not as awesome at it would seem. It actually gets pretty boring with nothing to really do. I mean the down time is nice, don't get me wrong. But today is Monday, so Keanu isn't here today, it her day off. Translation, I'm here by myself, so I don't have anyone to chit-chat with. Bleh. xD 

Oh, well. It's a paycheck, I'm not going to complain too much about it. Even if info hate this job with a fiery passion, because at least I have one and I don't have to depend on my mother or father to take care of me. It's a nice feeling. 

I'm both looking forward and not looking forward to my paycheck on Friday. I missed a day and half because I was I'll and had no voice. Kinda hard to do phone sales with no voice. But I may have made up for it this past weekend, I had some damn good orders and I make commission rather than hourly. So as long as I make at least what I did last paycheck, I'll be happy. That's enough to put a down payment in a used car if I choose to this month. Or it's enough to rent the moving truck to Columbus. So many choices. 

This hasn't turned into a rambling blog at all. It's wonderful. What else were you expecting from me? Exactly! xD 

On an even more random note, dad got grandma Bond to ride on the motorcycle, it was great. 

She hates the photo, something about she's taken better pics, but we all love it. 

Emm, Jon finally got his new bass. Two very impatient weeks later. It's so pretty. xD 

Hmm, the only other things I can think of to being up would be that I got Keanu to start reading Game of Thrones, and she LOVES it. I feel awesome about that. ^.^;  Other than that, I can't really think of anything else to say right now. Don't be surprised if there are several surveys filled out on my other blog tonight. I still have 4.5 hours of my shift tonight to sit through. 

Love you all, toodles. Xoxox