25 June, 2013

My pathetic attempt at an update....

Time for an actual update I suppose. Not that I have too much to update on, life is kinda the same basic strong of events. But that's how it goes I suppose. 

I've managed to find a somewhat temporary babysitting job, nothing special, nothing wonderful. But it makes money, and I don't have to rely on mum and dad for everything. That's always a nice feeling, actually it's a wonderful feeling. 

I've found that my car is in desperate need of several repairs, more than I was expecting. Lovely. What's worse is I only have about two months to get it all fixed up, or at least running well before the move at the end of August.  Wish me luck on that one, because I'm seriously going to need it. 

Speaking of the move, it's getting so close. I still have so much to do, so much to plan and so much to pack. It's an excited feeling, and an unsettling one at the same time. I've gone thru and downsized a good portion of the things I own, granted not the books; I can't bring myself to part with my books. Books are my passion, give me money and I'm going to spend it on books, or music. xD But the move, that's what I was talking about, not my random obsession with books and music. 150 miles is going to be fun to move all the stuff I own, which in all honesty is either books, or clothes, and a cat. A cat that hates her carrying case... that'll be fun. 

Hmm, my mum came home from Texas, I can't remember if I've mentioned that since her return. 13 weeks without her here was really odd. And sadly, she's leaving again for a new job in Midland, Michigan. Which is nowhere near as far away as Houston, so that is a huge plus. Though, she'll be away more than likely when I finally make the move from Toledo to Columbus. :/ 

Meh, I don't know what else to update you all on. Like I said, life is kinda just the same as usual. There'll be more to say once August rolls around and I have a flurry of stress and such going on. xD