12 June, 2013

Woot.. fun xD

Are you a virgin? No
One word describing your most pleasurable night? Gentle
His/her sexiest article of clothing? Does nothing count? xD
Are you in-love or is it lust? In-love, but there's quite a bit of lust there too
Do you share your fantasies? Yesh, very openly tbh
Do you want to give more or take more? Give and take equally xD
Have you ever kissed each other from head to toe? More or less, yeah
Have you been naughty or nice? Definitely both
His/her favorite place to be kissed? Neck
Ice cubes or hot wax? Ice cubes... wax kinda sounds painful >.<
Foreplay or roleplay? Foreplay
Lights on or off? On, off, dimmed... doesn't matter to me
Do you ever try on each other's underwear? No
Strawberries with whip cream or strawberries dipped in chocolate? Strawberries dipped in chocolate
His/her touch is............ gentle, but firm... o.o
Craziest place you ever got things heated? Emm... in a church... Yesh, I know.. going to hell for that.
Describe your last kiss? Gentle, sweet... it was a goodbye/goodnight kiss... what do you expect? xD
Is he/her the type to take home to meet your parents? He has, many times. 
Are you madly in-love? Yesh
His/her favorite position? Missionary, doggy style, and cowgirl. xD
Do you cuddle in bed naked with each other? Yep
His/ her best quality? His compassion
In between the sheets or on top? Doesn't matter

What turns you on most about him/her? The little smirk he gets, and his laugh.