03 June, 2013

It's been almost a month again... I'm so sorry.

It's been awhile since I late posted, sorreh... I was away with Jon for over two weeks. So, let's be honest, I'm not sorry at all.

Not a lot has happened lately. I mean other than my mum is due back from Texas in a little over two weeks now. Really excited for that, I've missed her a ton.

 Em, I've had a few outings with Jess and Keanu lately, both of which were a wonderful time, even if our original plans didn't work out. Hmm, I'll be moving at the end of summer to Columbus, that's finally been decided and more or less worked out. So excited for that. ^.^ Though, I'm pretty sure my cat may hate me after the 2.5 hour drive/ 150 mile trip from Toledo to Columbus.

My nephew's 1st birthday was celebrated recently, he's grown so much since I saw him last, it's kinda unbelievable. xD On top of that I got to see and spend time with my sister Marti. Which in all honesty, was very much needed.

Finished the book I've been trying to read for over four months finally. On to the next 900+ page book on my list. xD

Speaking of books, well actually more like shows based on books. Game of Thrones (awesome series btw), is a great show. Granted they do take/ have taken several liberties with it, but it's still a good show. I honestly recommend people read the books before watching the series. Now I say this because, several people I know who have not read the books and watch the show come to me freaking out about the show. Last night was no exception, in fact it was worse than normal. Last night's episode featured the Red Wedding, (click the link if you have no idea what I'm going on about), now those who haven't read the book freaked the feck out when this episode finally got to the scene, in a horrible manner. In fact, here's a general idea of my thought process on people who haven't read the books yet. But to each his own.

Eh, I'm done for now, I'll and post again later in the week. Maybe.