19 February, 2014

Bedknobs and Broomsticks ... or something like that

It's kinda about time for another more or less bi-monthly update. It works though, I suppose. Better than before where I'd go months with nothing posted here. The mobile app really helps. xD

Well, Valentine's day kinda backfired on me. I went more or less all out on it for Jon, giant Reese's cups, a sappy card/ love letter, and tickets to see Iced Earth ( our couples massage got cancelled). He however, failed to realize it was Valentine's day. Awesome. I love him to death, but damn it, he can be seriously oblivious to the world around him.

Work has been busy, but it's good. I like being busy, even if some nights I swear it's gonna kill me. I dislocated my thumb years ago, and it's weaker than my other thumb, and it likes to pop and crack a lot. So I have to find ways to work around using my thumbs, and drop more elbows, otherwise, I won't last long as a massage therapist.

Jon and I finally got around to going to Half Priced Books.... big mistake. Jess, if you read this.... it's like Ukazoo... only better. We shall go there when you come visit. Along with Cosi for the Sherlock exhibit and of course Lush in either Easton, or Polaris. Yay adventures! But back to Half Priced Books... we spent hours there, and it was awesome. Found Rant by Chuck Palahniuk, Moulin Rouge, and Chicago all for less than $12. Awesome deals.

I made a random trip to Target ( to find those pjs we saw at the one in Toledo, Jess... neither of the ones near me has them ):<   ) and found the complete first season of Game of Thrones on BluRay for $30... definite score, usually it's like $50, so I'll take the discount on it I can get. Also managed to snag the Targaryen edition of season three from Best Buy for the same price as season one. Should be here in the near future. Excited for that.

I bought Jess her birthday gift, which she knows about, so I can talk about it. It's an awesome t-shirt. See the pic below if you don't believe me.
Awesome, right? Right. xD  And of course, I had to order one for myself too, because it's just that awesome. 

I don't remember if I mentioned it before in my past update, but Jon got me to sit down and watch The Walking Dead. Love it! Sooo much. I love zombie movies, but this show takes the cake. It's fantastic. Gory beyond belief and dramatic. Right up my alley. 

Is anyone else done with the snow?! Yes, I know Toledo has gotten a lot more than the Columbus area, but damn I'm done with people who can't drive in snow and the cold in general. It's supposed to be 54 on Thursday for us, but that means lots of flooding. It was already pretty bad tonight after our freezing rain episode. Can it be summer yet? 

Had a massage today, first 90 minute that I've ever gotten. Needless to say I probably won't be getting anything but those from now on. It was better than a 60 min and allowed the therapist to seriously focus on my problems and it felt wonderful. xD 

Other than all that rambling the only thing I can think of is that I want/ need a kitten. I'm not ready, nor is Jon for babies of our own, so I think a kitten is a nice compromise. Right? A little fuzzy bundle of joy. xD 

Ayup, I'm done. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and mishaps for the time being.