04 February, 2014

Updated awesomeness ... yay? o.O

Well, we're done with the first month of the new year. So far so good. I'm more or less ok with how it's going so far. I wish I could get more hours at work, but that'll come as I get more experience and clients. But alas, such is life. Granted, I have been picking up a few hours for one of the other girls and even if it's only 3 hrs, it really does make the paycheck a little nicer, as do the tips. All in all, I can pay for my car and insurance, and still have a little leftover to cover groceries or something nice for myself or Jon.

Valentine's day is slowly approaching, I'm at a loss as to what to do/ get Jon. I want to do something nice for him, he's always been so wonderful to me. I was considering tickets to an Iced Earth concert ( in April), or going out to a nice supper and a movie. I dunno. Hopefully I'll think of something, and hopefully he does something nice for me too. Hopefully.

I've found that I have a relatively unhealthy addiction to the movie Frozen. Anytime there's nothing on tv lately, it's my go to movie. Not too bad I suppose, I could repeated watch The Phantom of the Opera (like I've never done that before) or Gone with the Wind. I just love the movie so much, catchy music, and lovable characters and I LOVE Elsa... absolutely adore her.

I made a horrible mistake... and my horrible, I mean wonderful mistake. I went to Easton Town Center... it has a LUSH store... I spent more than I should have, but it was wonderful. Bath bombs, and massage bars galore, ok, like 4 bath bombs, and one massage bar.. plus an awesome conversation with one of the employees which landed me free samples. Awesomesauce.

For those of you who actually still read this, I'm hoping to visit Toledo again in probably March. Sorry it's so far away. But I've picked up a lot of hours for the one girl at work, and I have things to do here. Plus, I have to budget the trip. The last one, was not so well budgeted and the last bit of the month was a little difficult, but I made it through more or less unscathed.

Other than that, it's been going well. Jon and I are strong as ever. Work adds a little tension, but we muscle through it all and are happier. It's nice to be able to be with him, to have him want me. Never thought I'd truly find that, I just thought I'd go through life being used and more or less abused. I can't express how happy I am that I don't ever have to worry about that with Jon, because I know he'd never do that.

But I think for now this is a good stopping point, I'm just rambling like I usually do.