10 June, 2014

Mishaps and ramblings of finding a wedding gown

So this happened... a while ago. But I thought that maybe those who read this, might enjoy this little slide show of the gowns I tried on with my bridesmaids and mum present, that didn't quite make the cut. ^.^

FYI, for those who are going to ask, I am not posting a photo of the gown I did chose. Not here, not on Facebook, or on Instagram. Sorry. You'll have to wait until the wedding, or until I post wedding pictures on here to see it. Sorry about your luck. Lol.

I will say though that experience of finding a wedding gown is not something I want to go through again. Most of the gowns come in sizes 8-12... and they already run small. So basically 90% of the gowns were either too small and I couldn't really get a feel for them, or I couldn't even try them on. the gowns that I did get to try on were generally much too big on me. And sadly, I've noticed that a lot of the gowns for larger women are quite frumpy, and it's actually almost hurtful. Like why can't I feel and look as beautiful as a thinner/ fitter woman? Thank you society for being stupid.

I thought I'd at least give you guys a glimpse into what my adventures in finding a wedding gown were like. So there you go. My mishaps and ramblings about the whole ordeal. ^.^