10 June, 2014

Proposal related wonders...

As promised a much happier post this time around. As anyone who reads this blog knows, Jon and I got engaged back in March. However, at the time, we didn't have a ring. Well, we finally found one we loved. So when it came last week, he couldn't wait to re-propose and get the damn thing on my finger. So we went out to one of our favorite restaurants and he re-proposed to me. It was really sweet. We both ended up crying and being all sappy. On the way home, we couldn't figure out why we were such saps about it. The only thing we could come up with is that it was that it was an actual proposal this time around. He actually got on one knee, had a ring, and asked me. Which makes sense. It makes it more real.

Now this story has a slight bitter bit to it. The proposal happened last week, on Friday. So, I've had the ring for a little over a week. We noticed that the Rhodium plating of the black gold was coming off already. Now, after doing some research we found that it was pretty common, especially if the plating process was faulty. So it was very likely that was the problem. I had made sure specifically not to wash my hands with it on, use heavy cleaners, or anything like that. Anything that might destroy the integrity of the ring. Yet, the plating was coming off in less than a week. We had to call the jeweler and see what could be done. They offered to completely re-plate it again and see if it would help. But we ultimately opted to exchange it for the white gold version of the same style ring. So now it's a waiting game of them getting the old ring back, and them sending the new one to us. It feels so weird to not be able to wear my ring. I know its only been a week since I got it, but my finger feels so naked now.

The original ring

What the new ring shall be

Here's hoping that it is sent to us with great haste, and we have no problems with the new one. So overall, there is a happy ending to the whole story overall. ^.^   Well, dearies. I shall be off. Toodles for now.