09 July, 2011

I am another year older and I've always been told that you're only as old as you feel. Would you like to feel me and tell me how old I am?

     Can't be bothered to blog much today.. tis my birthday after all (Ugh, I'm 20 xD ). But I shall give you a little something, just because I love you all. And let's be honest here, nothing terribly exciting happened today, other than random family members showing up at my house with cake. <--- Epic!  Other than the lovely cake, all I have to comment on was the Skype that was had this evening. First off it was utterly amazing, and what made my day was that everyone sung "Happy Birthday" to me. I can honestly say that was probably the best part of my day, kinda sad when you think about it. 
     And for those of you who didn't no about my ninja skills.... I totally have them! The router locked in the safe upstairs, stood no chance against me. Yes, yes... Rach managed to "break" into said safe. Namely because my father is way too predictable in what he uses as a combination and I know him all too well. So I got my internet back and I'll probably never hear the end of it, but gah! Why the f*ck would someone lock a router in a safe?
    Oh, I'm making this much longer than I originally intended. Pfft, as if I honestly care, but I'm gonna go, that's plenty for tonight. 

Also giving a shout out to Muffin... for being the awesome "King of the Call" tonight. xD

And thank you Marti for getting everyone on Skype to make my night. ^-^ 

G'night! Xxxxx