19 July, 2011

Random update and OMG, did I seriously just do another quiz?!?!

     Whoo! It's been a week since I posted anything. Meh, better than my usual "Oh, look it's been a month and a half. Perhaps I should post a blog." < ---- I've done/ said this so many times it's no longer funny.
     Gonna be honest, haven't been online much at all this past week, kinda spent most of it fishing. Fishing being one of those things I do for stress relief and to just get away from people all together. And this time I actually caught something, rather than being caught by something (refer to previous blog for explanation). I also didn't fall in the river... not a fun experience for me. Especially when you're told "It's only knee deep over there" by somebody at least 6" taller than you. So when you go to walk in the "knee deep" area you find that it is in fact mid- thigh on yourself, and because of that you loose your footing and go careening down the river. Oh, so much fun.... NOT!
     Hmm,  13 July saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 with Jess (she kidnapped me xD ); it was quite good but ultimately waved goodbye to childhood at that point. As if one kidnapping wasn't enough, she came back for me 16 July and did it again. But this time I got candy floss for being such a good sport about it. ^^
    http://nyan.cat/   <------- click it if you dare xD
      Don't you just love that I give no explanation and just say click the link above? I know I do. And now because I was bored... here ya go!

What is your best friend’s name?  I have 2 best friends, one male and one female. Not gonna name them off, they know who they are.
How long have you been friends for?  I’ve been friends with one for almost 7 yrs now, and the other not quite that long. ^^
Do you have a boyfriend? Nope, been single for a while now.
If so; what’s his name? N/A
How long have you been together? N/A
Who was your last text message from?  Martika
Could you live without your computer? I could live, but I’d hate it
Facebook or Myspace? Facebook
Do you like thunder & lightning storms? Love ‘em!
Have you ever travelled out of the country? Not that I can recall
Has someone ever made you a scrapbook? Yep
What color is the room you are in right now? White
Is there a T.V. in the room your in? No
Have you ever had surgery? No
If so; on what/why? N/A
Do you regret something you’ve done this year? Hell yes
Do you have any pets? 3 cats, 1 dog
Are you on a desktop or a laptop? Laptop
Are you a morning or night type of person? Night person
Are you easy to talk to? Generally
What's your favorite number? 27
Do you have a pool? Nope... have a Jacuzzi tho
Do you enjoy “liking” or “becoming a fan” of things on facebook? Not really
Have you eaten dinner yet? Nope, tis only 1600
Are you hot or cold? Usually have the “hands of death”, but right now it’s 35˚ so I’m ungodly hot x.x
What’s your emotion? Calm I guess
Texting anyone? Martika
Listening to? Bad Romance – 30 Seconds to Mars
Do you get along with your family? Most of the time
Whom are you closest to in your family? My mother
Parents together or divorced? Together
Siblings? 3 younger brothers
How many cousins do you have? Ummm, a lot. Kinda have a big family.
Are you close to them? Close to a few of them.