30 July, 2011

Off we go into the wild blue yonder....

     Where the f*ck did July go?!?!?! Feels like it was just the beginning of the month and now BAM! we're starting into August already. Did I hibernate or something? And is it bad that the only things I remember from the entire month were A) my birthday B) more drama within the family than I care for and C) basically disappearing off the grid completely.
      For those who know about the things that went on during the month of July, you'd understand why I've basically disappeared. Been to depressed and down lately to do much of anything, actually seriously contemplated deleting my IMVU, FB and YouTube accounts there at one point, but eventually thought better of it. Gonna be honest though, if any of my close friends could see me right now, they'd only be worried. I don't want them to have to worry about me, when I know for a fact they have their own issues to deal with, they shouldn't have to deal with mine too.
     Though I will admit I am better than halfway through the month, I've been talking a bit more, been online sorta-ish and I actually went swimming at the lake for six hours and didn't turn bright red, still as pale as before. < ------ Epic Gingerness ftw! xD Oh, and... I've started writing again, which I must say is quite a feat because I feel like I haven't truly written in months, feels good to have that little piece of creativity back again.
    Looking forward to school starting up again, except unlike a normal University that goes back in August... mine goes back in October. >.<  Meaning, yeah I can look forward to school starting, but no matter how much I look forward to it, I still have two months left before it does.  
     And I'm officially done with this now. Can't be bothered to basically spill my problems out in a blog anymore, I think that was more than enough.  ^-^;