11 July, 2011

Die Catfish.. Die!!!

Went catfishing last night / early this morning. Have to admit it was fun… to a point.  By that I mean there I am sitting at the edge of the water, minding my own business, staring at the lovely green light across the river feeling like Gatsby and all;  nothing going on at the end of my line. All of the sudden my line goes taut and then the rest of my line starts getting pulled from the reel. I’m like “What da fuck?”… *starts to reel it in* but whatever it is, it pulling stronger than my reel/ line can handle.  I freak out a little *looks over to mother* … “You’re not reeling in are you?”  *thinking perhaps our lines our crossed*  “No…”.  *facepalm, continues to fight with the reel*…. "Ffs, just give up you stupid fish!" *stomps ground as more line is pulled from the reel* >.<  *looks around trying to figure out what to do, because obviously reeling this thing isn’t gonna happen * “Ummm…. “ *fish jets off at lightning speed* …. “Gah!!” *attempts to reel in the line, but it’s being pulled out faster than I can reel it in and then all I hear is a resounding “Snap” * ….... *looks around then down at the now empty fishing reel and blinks* …. “Fuck you, ya bastard fish!!!” *shakes fist rather angrily at the fish then kicks a rock in to the water* 
            After that I walked back to where the rest of the group was, rather dejectedly, holding up my now lineless pole. “Look what that bastard fish did!” … *crickets and blank stares* . I explain what happened, *more crickets and blank stares… then laughter* O.e *stalks off fishing pole in hand and pouts because I can’t fish anymore* “Bastards!”  *remembers that there was extra fishing line in the truck…. Runs off in the dark to get it, trips once or twice , restrings pole and charges back to my fishing spot * “That’s it, I’m coming back for ya now fish!” *casts line and waits… and waits… and waits.. and waits*  5 am rolls around and still nothing… “Fuck it, keep the damn lure, sinker and fishing line! See if I care!” *reels in line and trudges back to the truck*

And that is fishing with Rach... generally much more peaceful, but damn that fish was just … gah! <----- Woot for spaz attack! And at least this time I didn’t fall into the river like the last time fishing. >.<