26 September, 2011

I ran away from home....

     Alright, so I'm not sure if I'm a good sister or not. O.o Bet you're like "Wait, Rach your the only girl in your family..." this is true, but as many of you know my family "adopts" pretty much any of my friends and considers them part of the family. That being said Marti's hubby and I plotted for me to come down to  spend 3 wks  with them.(1 wk will be with my relatives in here in VB though ^-^) Marti of course having no clue that I was coming or that her parents were either. Needless to say when I just showed up at the Waffle House they were having breakfast at she kinda flipped, but it was great she thought her husband had asked me for help planning a day at the spa or something for her.. but no it was actually me coming for the visit we'd talked so much about over the summer. That and it got me out of house for the next 3 wks, probably made my parents happy with that, though I know my beautiful brunette partner in crime is not. v.v Sorry Jess, told ya if you didn't have school I'd have dragged yur arse along too.
     So now that I'm here and all I can say is that I see this going well, we're both WAY too excited about it. Basically I see all hell breaking loose in Virginia, not like that is an surprise with Marti and I. I'll keep the blog updated as much as I can, even throw in pics here and there. But feel free to get ahold of me via text, Yahoo, or Skype... I'll answer on at least 2 out of the 3 (Skype requires me to be on the laptop). But I'm gonna go for now, spending the day with Grandma and Aunt Di... that should be fun. :D But before I actually leave, I will do one quick quiz (check the next blog for that. ) 
     Toodles luvvle you all! Xxxxx