04 September, 2011

Puppet show via Yahoo Conference O.o

Ok, so Jess and Keanu decided let's get on Yahoo and get into a conference together. That was their first mistake, especially because I was in such a good mood at the time and just a tad hyper, but I digress. For awhile there I felt like I was the only one actually in the conference and they were trying out their best impersonations of well ... me. v.v  So I was like _/\______________/\_/\_/\_ *dies of boredom for a few seconds*. xD And then this happens, not sure what to make of it; and I'm pretty sure I ought not be too proud of it, because damn kinda just proves A) how special I am and B) how there is no help for me. 

Rachael: *sits in a corner, draws smiley faces on her fingers one for Jess and one for Keanu. Starts to have a conversation with them*  Why yes Jess this is lovely weather we've been having. *finger moves to nod in agreement* Keanu is soooo silent, tis weird *looks over to the Keanu finger that just continues to stare her silently* Don't silently judge me!!!! *pouts* Jess!!! *looks to the other finger* Keanu is judging me!!! Q.Q *goes off to cry in a different corner forgetting that the smiley faces are ON her fingers and go where she goes* Damnit!! *stomps foot and pouts more*
Jess: *watches* No no, please continue. I like my finger-puppet self. xD
Keanu: XD I friggin love you!!!!!!! You two are awesome!!!
Rachael: Awe, don't cry love. Keanu's just being, well Keanu. *finger moves to pat my nose* But.. but, Jess. She's sooooooo quiet. *looks over to Keanu again* It's like she's staring into my soul. And as a ginger I am offended; I have no soul for her to stare at. *Pats the Keanu finger on the "head"* Special, special Keanu. *looks to Jess for approval, only to find the finger shaking it's "head"* Gah!!! Fine... *flops to the floor and just stares at them* How do YOU like it Keanu? Huh? xD
Jess: *runs around in circles* Give me a song to listen to.
Rachael: *complete and utter silence because of Jess's off topic-ness, continues to then send her a random Hugh Laurie song* Right, back on topic! xD 
Jess & Keanu: *crickets can be heard over their silent selves, though I assume Jess is chair dancing to the song I just sent her and Keanu.... god only knows.* 
Rachael: *continues to stare at Keanu* Jess, I don't think she likes this. She's quieter than before. >.< *Keanu kinda wavers* Pffthahaha, I can't take it anymore!!! Stop staring at meh, it's creepy! *does so as Jess bursts out laughing* Just like Creeper!!! xDD *Grimaces as I look to Jess* I'm not creepy!! Am I? ._.
Jess: ……
Rachael: What?
Jess: I dunno. Don't bring me into it! *Starts drawing on finger* Now we have Brandy!   
Rachael: *walks over to Brandy and hides behind her* They're comparing me to Creeper! *Blank stares from all three* Gah!!! Not fair! You've all teamed up against me!! *pouts and looks to Jess for some type of encouragement* Well, you ARE the one with smiley faces printed on your fingers and talking to them like they're your best friends love. Kinda, well ... yeah... weird. *stares blankly at her fingers but doesn't say anything*
Jess, Keanu and Rachael: *3 other topics of conversation going on at once, but we all know the story still needs an ending* ..... 
Rachael: *her fingers kinda wiggle back and forth, as if taunting her* Awwwe, come on!! Stop that!!! It’s not funneh! * the three smiley faced fingers continue to wiggle* Gah!!! I’m gonna go all Rambo on you! *grabs a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol on it and wipes at her fingers crazily* Ha! That’ll show you! *pulls cotton ball away only to reveal that ALL three faces are still there* DAMNIT! >.<  *Keanu, Jess and Brandy all kinda laugh at her and then say in unison* There’s no getting rid of us now! *stares at her fingers once again *  I guess I can live with that… but just so you all know, tis my week for dishes. xD 

***Please note, this is me completely sober... this is me being me; special as I am, yes I'll admit it. But shh, don't tell Kas I actually admitted it...he'll just rub it in. And yes, I do realise that you read this Kas, so go ahead and "remind" me how special I am because you know I always need reminding. xD Special as I am though, you still love me. Right?  ***