29 November, 2012

Bitchy, ranty...and probably rather offensive

I don't know what brought this on. Oh, wait... yesh I do... but that's neither here nor there. Give you a hint, it's gonna be ranty, it's gonna be bitchy and there's going to be cursing... end of story. Don't like it? See that "X" in the corner *points*  go ahead and click it.

*****Disclaimer---- If you feel any of this is geared toward you... perhaps it is, perhaps it isn't. That's on you. There is a reason I used no names, and it shall remain as such. *****

I'm done being an option to people, when I make them a priority in my life. I don't like being greeted by utter silence when I need someone there the most. And then have people complain to me about it when I'm not there for them every bloody time they need someone to simply shove all their problems onto. I am not a fucking tack board that you can just stick your problems to. I'd be more obsequious about it all, if you were there for me when I need you or simply anyone to be there for me; instead of shoving me off as unimportant until you have some use for me. That's a great way to make someone feel real good about themselves. Wait... no. Actually it's a really good way to make someone feel worthless... and an even better way to lose a friend.

Secondly, if you have an issue with the way I live my life, who I associate myself with or who I date. Guess what? I really don't care, keep it to yourself... or if it really bothers you that much, tell me it bothers you and then promptly walk the fuck out of my life and save yourself the aggravation that I am so fervently causing you by living my life. If who I date bothers you (when in reality, it shouldn't; again my life, my choice), if it creeps you out that much, doesn't suit your morals, or simply makes you jealous or what have you... guess what, you may take your leave of me as well. I'm not going to change who I am, or who I want to be with to please you. Because it doesn't matter if what I does pleases you, it's none of your damn business. Give you a hint, it's my life... I'll do as I please, and see whomever it is that makes me happy. I don't judge you, the way you live, or the people you see.... don't bloody do it to me.

On the note of who I date/ see, not that it's really anyone's business. But since it seems to bug people so much, I'll share it here. Yes, I am dating Jonathan. Yes, he is 10 yrs older than me. Yes, we've known each other ages. No, it is NOT creepy in any way, shape, or form. But that is my opinion and the opinion shared by the people who matter most to me, the people who TRULY care if I'm happy or not. Again you don't like the way I live my life, there's the exit *points again* ... you don't have to stay and I'm not gonna try and make you. That being said, off the subject of my love life, it's mine... you don't really need to know about it. 

Moving on from that, the people who refuse to help themselves when they are more than capable of doing so. You are not as helpless as you make yourself out to be. You look for pity, but you have all the means you need to fix the predicament you're in. That being said, you simply choose not to, and continue to be depressed, bitchy, and you have this false sense of entitlement. That everything should just be handed to you, because "you deserve it". Give you a hint, if you aren't going to try to fix your problems, you deserve only what you strive for; you don't deserve handouts. Simple as that. 

Something I will never understand is how someone can spend literally every waking second flirting with anything that moves. I swear, if a table lamp had legs, you'd find a way to charm it into your bed. Wanna know what's even worse? When you do it and you shove it in other people's faces, even when you do it "unknowingly".... it's bad-mannered and uncouth. From what I can discern, you don't want to know about mine, so why put you're sexual exploitations out in the air? That's right, you have to brazenly flaunt your conquests as it were to feel more "manly". Tantalizingly attractive isn't it? Heh, no far from it. It's actually quite cad-ish and abhorrent in taste. Nothing like the casual man whore.

You've already heard my rant on the whole becoming an actual adult bit, not going there again. Not worth my time. But then again, on the subject of being an adult. Turning eighteen does not constitute adulthood.It is just the age that this society and many others deem "adulthood" simply to have kids get out of their parent's houses and out on their own. Ok, it works great if the kid is ready, but most of the time said child is not ready. Nor is that child ready to get married at the age of eighteen to a person younger than them. This goes back to the blog from a few weeks ago and few recent events. Translation, my younger brother turned eighteen, decided he was a man and wanted to marry his girlfriend of about 2 months.... left in the middle of the night on Thanksgiving (Way to be a douche-bag btw!), never said a word about it to anyone, just up and left leaving behind only a few excuse ridden notes. Yeah! Adulthood! T-T 

Lastly, that one person who has nothing to do with your life anymore, but insists on butting in their damn nose. This is directed to one particular person, who I know still reads this blog. Just stop harassing me and the people I care about. It's terrible when you literally have no clue and you have this deluded sense of  "I'm still your best  friend" .... give you a hint, when I stopped talking to you almost 3 years ago... that made our friendship null and void. Simple as that. So please, just bugger off and live your own life and stop telling me how to live mine. 

So that was really ranty, and well it felt good to do it. But, now that I've offended probably half my followers with my language and/ or what I've said.... I'm gonna go. Actually take that back, I want to wish my nephew Tommy a happy 6 months! You're growing up too quick lil bugger. xD  

Now I'm gonna go.