29 November, 2012

Trying to lighten the mood.... at least for now

1. Is there someone you would like to be with at this moment? Why aren’t you with them?

- Umm yeah. Because he live 300+ miles away in Hilliard. Get to spend the weekend with him tho, so not all bad.

2. If you were going to make a sandwich now, what would you put on it?

- Emm... bacon.... yesh bacon would suffice right about now.

3. What’s your relationship with the last person you talked to on the phone?

- Talked to on the phone? I'm dating him. Texted? She's my sister

4. Is there a friend you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while? Why haven’t you seen or spoken to them?

- Yeah, I guess so. I don't really think he wants much to do with me anymore. Not that I can say I blame him.

5. Do you ignore people when you’re annoyed or upset?

- Pffft, yeah I do. It's not very nice of me, but it's better than going off on them.

6. Is there anything worrying you atm? Would you like to talk about it?

- My brother. And not on here, no I would not like to talk about it

7. Is there anyone that you know definitely doesn’t like you? Does that bother you?

- I don't know. There's a good possibilty of it. And at this point, no I no longer care.

8. Can you remember the last time you felt angry or upset? What was the reason?

- Last Friday, younger brother ran off to live with his gf/ fiancee....

9. Who were the last three people you talked to before going to bed last night?

- Jonathan, Martika, and Jess

10. Are you wearing nail varnish? Is it chipped?

- Nope, and no

11. Tell me about the last conversation you had with a friend of the same sex. Who did you talk to, and what did you talk about?

- It was with Martika, talking about our plans for the day.

12. Now tell me about the last conversation you had with a friend of the opposite sex.

- Something about arm twisting and reciprocation. xD

13. You’re trying to end a conversation, but the other person doesn’t seem to want to stop talking. What do you do?

- Usually just sit quietly and wait, or if I genuinely need to leave I’d just be like sorry but I have to go.

14. Have you ever told anyone that you wished you’d never met them? Did you mean it?

- No. There's a few I'd love to say it to, but I'm not that mean.

15. Who is the most intelligent person you know?

- I know many itelligent people, I'm not just going to pick one.

16. Would you say your name is a ‘common’ name? Do you know lots of other people with your name?

- Yeah, my name is pretty common, though my spelling is the less common version. xD

17. Have you ever really liked a song to begin with, but then you listened to it so much that you got bored of it?

- Yeah, I do that often.

18. If a boyfriend/girlfriend was clingy, would that be a problem for you?

- No, to be honest I think I’m so used to feeling like the clingy one it’d be a nice change and at least you know they cared.

19. If you saw your last ex holding hands with someone else, would it bother you?

- Emmm. Idk, maybe a lil, though probably not in the end.

20. Who was the last person you talked to, whose name started with a letter M? Do you know what colour that person’s eyes are?

- Martika, and if I remember they are a hazel/ green colour.

21. You have a lot on your mind and really need to talk. Who would you go to?

- Jonathan, Martika, or Jess.

22. Which day did you prefer, yesterday, or today? Why?

- Today, brings me one step closer to this weekend.

23. Who is the person that has hurt you the most? How has that person affected you?

- Hurt me the most this year? Pretty sure I don't need to point out who it is, I think they know.

24. Have you talked in your sleep before?

- I do now and then, but I apparently giggle in my sleep. o.o

25. Is there a letter that occurs in your name more than once?

- E.

26. If you could design your perfect partner, what would he/she look like? And what kind of personality would he/she have?

- I'm gonna be a loser and simply pout I don't care what he looks like, just so long as he loves me for me.

27. Think about the first person you had a relationship with. Do you believe that person loved you?

- No, not love, just liked. We were way to young to truly know what love was. I think it was just 2 yrs of us liking each other.

28. Who is the first person who comes to mind that you dislike. Why? How often do you see/speak to that person?

- A girl I went to HS with... ah fuck it ... Mary Reilly. She turned into my worst nightmare. And I don't anymore, at all.

29. For numbers 1 to 5, list the names of the last 5 people that texted you. For numbers 6 to 10, list the names of the last 5 people you talked to online.

Rhia (Jess)
Sage (Martika)

30. Who is 8 going out with? What do you think of that person?

- Single as far as I know.

31. Does 5 live within walking distance?

- No. She lives in Florida.

32. What is 2’s ex called?

- I like to call him Douchebag.... but that's just me

33. What is 7’s favourite food?

- Not sure actually.

34. What is 6’s mother called?

- Sandra

35. How many boyfriends/girlfriends has 3 had?

- I have no idea

36. Is 9 attractive?

- Eh, sure. I suppose so.

37. What kind of music does 1 listen to?

- Anything under the sun

38. What colour is 10’s hair?

- Reddish-brown as far as I know

39. What is 4’s favourite colour?

- Black

40. Have you ever hugged 3?

- A few times

41. What if 1 told you he/she was going to be a mother/father?

- She has! Love my lil nephew.

42. Have you ever got drunk with 2?

- Drunk, no. Tipsy... on several occasions

43. Is 9 in a relationship?

- Yes, With Mizzy

44. What is your earliest memory of 8?

- Ms. Reamer's class in HS

45. What kind of men/women does 6 like?

- I don’t really know.

46. Who has kissed the most people, you or 5?

- I’m not really sure.

47. Briefly describe your relationship with 10.

- Friends from school. Sisters. Need I say more?

48. Does 4 have any pets?

- 2 cats.

49. How long have you known 7?

- A good few years, like 6.

50. To finish, say something about each person. :)

Martika - One of my two best female friends. Known her longer than everyone except one person (#4). She's my sissy, and I love her to death.
Jess - Lovely person, the second of my two best female friends. Love her to death, also see her as a sister. And we get into tons of trouble together. xD
Tom - Martika's hubby, good friend, funny and supportive.
Jonathan - Known him longer than anyone else. He's funny, smart, quirky, a complete nerd like myself. Hence why we get on so well. ^-^
Barb - Grandmother. Amazing woman. Love her with all my heart.
Kas - Well, we were best friends, dated for awhile. I care for him like any good friend would. But we've sorta drifted apart. >.<
Loki- One of my best online friends. He's always there for me when I need him. Fun to be around.
Rhia (Jess)- See above mentioned.
Luke- Just a good friend, a goof and smartass.
Sage (Martika) - Also see above mentioned.