13 November, 2012

Brave... and other random stuff

So, Brave came out today. Wanna take a guess what the first thing is I did? Ayup, went and picked up my copy of it. Love that I didn't have to wait in line for it, or fear that they'd run out of copies... thank you pre-sale request made in September. xD Have I mentioned how much I love this movie? I find it hilarious when people come up to me and say I look like Merida from it, which I guess is kinda true, I do.  That was adventurous enough for today.

Speaking of adventures, this past weekend was quite an adventure. Jonathan and I went to a Black Dahlia Murder/ All That Remains/ Machine Head/ Dethklok concert Friday night. Save for being ungodly small and getting severely thrown around in the mosh pit like a rag-doll and being doused in beer at one point, it was an awesome night. On top of that, it made for a very memorable and truly one of a kind first date. Looking forward to the Cannibal Corpse/ Lamb of God concert next month now. ^-^;

But, wait! More adventures ensue for this week as well. Jess and I are going out Thursday for a movie night, that promises to be fun. And Friday, it's girls night out with Jess and Keanu. I sense trouble already, but I can't wait. I miss my girls.

Hmm, trying to think if there's much else I can say right now. Not really been up to much lately. Just kinda a homebody, nothing to important I suppose. Oh, what a boring life I lead. xD