04 November, 2012

Things I hate:  (In no particular order)
1. Bad grammar
2. Presidential election years
3. Being lied to/ lead on/ used
4. Being called "Red" (you sign your own death warrant if you call me this)
5. Badgers....
6. People who go to a fast-food place, order the biggest meal and then a diet soda (Yeah, because that's gonna make that super-sized Big Mac meal so much healthier.... wait no >.< )
7. People who refuse to help themselves when they are fully capable of doing so
8. Justin Bieber (need I say more?)
9.  Drivers who apparently get their licenses out of Cracker Jacks boxes
10. People doing things completely out of spite.. hoping that it'll get to you and upset you. When in the end, they just look like an idiot.

And since I did ten things I hate... why not ten things I love to lighten the mood. xD

1. Books, oh god do I love books and reading ^-^
2. Cuddles xD
3. True friends, they mean so much and it's nice to have a few people who truly care for you
4. Confidence... what's not to like about that?
5. Death Metal... well, just metal in general, along with just about any type of music
6. Honesty, even if it's completey brutal honesty I still prefer that to being lied to
7. Energy Drinks/ Coffee/ Tea... I like caffeine ok? xP
8.Autumn weather
9. When a guy asks a girl's parents if he can take her on a date. It's a sign of respect to her and her parents, really just love that.
10. KFC... tis my downfall in life. xD