16 August, 2013

How I met him and such...

As a reader of this blog, you already know that Jon and I are dating, and most of you who truly know me, know that we've known one another almost 10 years now. But what only maybe one or two of you knows is how we met. Honestly because I've never really gone into detail about that. Or how we ended up together and how our first date went. So, today, I'm going to tell the story of how we first met and how we got to the first date. Later I'll get to the whole beginning of our courtship, the first date, and such. xD

It was the Fall of 2004, I was at my grandmother's for some family function. I want to say that it was just a random family get together, but I honestly can't remember what we were over there for. But I do remember being in the living room talking with my grandmother and then my grandfather coming in through the front door in his typical boisterous way. Something was different though when he came in the house, there was someone with him. And that someone was Jon. When they'd taken off their coats, my grandfather brought Jon into the living room and introduced us. 

I'll admit it was a little awkward at first, at the time talking to someone 11 years older than I was, tended to be intimidating. But after getting to know him a little better, our conversation became more natural and less awkward. I found myself completely infatuated with him. It was a completely innocent girlish crush, as most girls go through at that age. I didn't think much of it at the time. 

I ended up staying much later than intended that night. Talking with Jon for hours about bands, music, movies, everything under the sun. It was nice to be able to do that with someone. I didn't really have many friends at the time. My mum and dad had only just recently been married and I'd switched schools yet again, so I didn't know anyone where we'd moved to. But like I said, it was really nice to just be able to have someone to talk to, someone to relate to and someone who listened. 

It was a good start to a friendship. And over the next several years, that friendship grew stronger. We talked more, and the attraction was still there, it never diminished. As we talked and spent more time together, even my parents, friends, and family members noticed the attraction. Some even went as far as to say that Jon and I would truly make the perfect couple, even with the age gap. I never really took the time to dwell on that thought, I was always in the frame of mind that I was not an option in his mind, that I was off limits. Which at the time, I can completely understand that thought process. 

A few years went by, and I'd graduated from high school, Jon had recently moved to Columbus for a better job opportunity and such. We didn't see one another as much, but we still talked now and then. It kinda hurt, because I knew at the time, and in the years before that, he'd had a few girlfriends, and I of course being the girl head over heels for him was jealous every time I saw him with them. But that's not important, never really was I suppose. xD 

I guess the point where we really started letting on that there was sexual tension between us was the summer of 2010, we went to the Mothman Festival for the first time. Please note that was not a date, that was supposed to be two friends having a good time at a nerd fest. Which, I won't lie, it was awesome. It was obvious that there was something there as the weekend went on I wasn't allowed to pay for anything, even when I wanted to. Jon insisted on paying for everything. I kinda wish the original blog posts from that weekend were still available and not randomly deleted. But oh well, this is good enough for now. ^.^

A few more years passed, a couple of failed relationships on both of our parts and then the summer of 2012 rolled around. Jon had a few months back just gotten out of a not so good relationship and was steadily getting over it, and I was in the midst of dealing with my own fucked up break up issues, but none of that, I don't care about that anymore. We were helping one another get through those issues of heartache. 

As summer fizzled out, it brought along a nice summer season. We once again went to the Mothman Festival, still only as friends, but even more so than before, there was something there. There were more lingering touches and more serious talks. We told told things that we really hadn't shared with anyone else. I honestly think that this is where the whole idea of us being together started to take shape. 

After the Mothman Festival, we saw Martika when she came to visit for a for a few weeks. And in that weekend we saw her, there were at least six people that asked us if we were dating. At the time we denied it, we were just very close friends, nothing more. But that perpetuated our talking even more which led to Jon asking me on a date only a week later. What makes that even more special to me, is that he actually went to my father and asked for permission to ask me on a date before he came to me. To me, it shows how much he respects me and how much he respects my parents. But that's enough for now. If I keep going, it'll go right into our first date, and that's a story for next time. xD