02 August, 2013

Yay update.

I love when you get a job, they hire you in as full time, because that's what they need at the time. Then two weeks in, after you get used to the schedule you put yourself on, they call you and say they've dropped your hours from full time (40hrs/ wk) to part time (20hrs/ wk).... and because of that your pay gets dropped from $10/ hr to $8/hr. Utter joy. Can you see the smile on my face as I type this? Yeah, probably not, because I'm not happy about it. Now, when I asked them if the only other shift I could work was available, I of course got the same excuse of they're overstaffed and not hiring for that one either. So I guess now it's work part time and get my massage license. That's the only option. Besides after only two weeks, I quickly decided that I HATE the job I accepted. I hate taking phone calls (upwards of 40 a night) to take orders. I hate lying to people to get them to order things, and overall... I just hate it. It's not for me, but if it's what I have to do for now, so be it.

My car has died, and I'm stuck driving the behemoth of a truck to work now. Please note, it gets horrible gas mileage, and I have to pay for said gas. I'd been warning my father that there was something not quite right with the radiator, that I was using way more coolant than I should have for a year. He kept saying it was fine, that he'd look at it later. Later never came and one day while I was driving to go out for coffee with Keanu my radiator went kaboom, coolant EVERYWHERE! Utter joy. Not. T-T So now, Jon and I are looking for a new to me car, though it's looking like it might be a '95 Nissan Sentra, needs a little body/ cosmetic work, but Jon said ( he went and looked at it, because it's in Columbus and I'm currently not) that is runs beautifully. So here's hoping.

I'm finally getting around to getting my license for massage. I know it's been almost a year, but going to Scotland seriously fucked me over financially. I've been trying to recover ever since. But here goes attempt number three to try and get this license deal out of the way and on to a better career.

But on a random note, I had a woman call in the other night at work, the call lasted almost an hour. The entire time this woman is going off about religion, and how because I don't/ rarely attend church I'm going to hell. That because I'm not married to Jon and I have red hair, I am apparently touched by the devil or something. And of course, because I can't retaliate or hang up on people, I had to sit there for that hour and listen to this woman go on and on. Only good thing about that call is that I ended up with a damn good sale and got her to buy all of the upsells.

Meh, I suppose that is enough for now.  That was fun while it lasted.

Love you all. Toodles. Xxxxxx